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This week has been crazy busy. Last week was just as crazy. I took kiddo to softball camp, and we hit a museum while we were over in Illinois. (And btw, 11-year-olds get the giggles in rooms with Greek and Roman statue reproductions…) We added a second night in a hotel so that I didn’t have to drive home late that night after camp. Then…when we got back, we thought we were losing Liberty the Border Collie again. At 16 1/2, we know it’s just a matter of when, at this point.

We did the whole sudden vet visit yesterday (again). She’s doing fine today. The abscess on her leg wasn’t nearly as bad as we first thought. It was still scary, though.

Today is the second anniversary of her stroke. I was sure then that we’d lose her, but this dog just keeps on ticking. I’ve never seen a more determined dog in my life.

A quick book update, now:

I’m a little behind on everything on my “hoped for” schedule. Between Libby’s sudden trips to the vet, and the attack on our little ducks, Kiddo’s softball camp, and some other things that have been going on, my work time has been almost non-existent this week. I’m hoping to get back on schedule starting tomorrow.

I have sent the fourth (and possibly final) Seasons book to my editor. She’s going to get it back to me in time for a July 21st release! (But not in time for a preorder!) After that, I think it’s going to be Linsey’s turn to get her story! That may change as I get further into the process. Zoey is also moving along ok, at this point.

(Libby is doing better and can put weight on her leg again. The duck that was attacked by a raccoon does in fact still have her eye! She’s made a full recovery, but will have some very intriguing scars to talk about with the other ducks out there now!)

I’m also about to finish a brand new PNR title (Becca and Matt!) that has been in the making since 2012! I’m feeling confident that the rest of the summer will be far more productive than the last few months!

Coming July 21st.

2 thoughts on “Roller Coasters!

  1. Barbara DeMarco says:

    I’m glad Libby’s doing better. My husband and I swear that dogs also have 9 lives! Years ago we had a brother and sister American Eskimo/Sheltie mix. The female was ALWAYS getting into something! We lost count of how many times we thought that was it and she was done. Now our current dog (pure American Eskimo Miniature) seems to have the same 9 lives. A few months ago we thought we were going to lose him. In 2 days time, we were back and forth to the vet about 5 times. Fortunately the vet is only about 10 minutes away. He spent a couple hours there the first night on IV fluids and antibiotics. They don’t have 24-hour care so we had to pick him up at closing and bring him back the next morning for the entire day to get more fluids and several rounds of antibiotics. They decided he had HGE (hemorrhagic gastroenteritis) from something he ate outside. He’s worse than a little toddler–if it’s on the ground, he has to check it out and 99% of the time, it then goes in his mouth.

    Have a good rest of your week. Stay safe.



    1. lostriverlitpublishing says:

      They are definitely like little toddlers. We’ve always joked that Liberty (and all our border collies–our beagle is a total sweetheart–are toddlers in fur suits!


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