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Well, this has been a crazy, crazy week! (It somehow always seems crazy around here lately.) Kiddo and I both have suspected Covid (my mom tested positive on Friday, after spending all day out here on Wednesday, and kiddo and I both have symptoms and fever). Kiddo is doing a lot better than this morning, but I feel horrible.

I plan to just sleep for the next week or so! Kiddo does have to miss her softball travel team tryouts, so she’s pretty upset. But…there are other teams out there (we’re signed up for a few other tryouts, already).

I did get Rory’s book back a little sooner than anticipated. It’s now LIVE on all the retailers!

Here’s a quick blurb (and links). Then I’m crashing again!

Rory Price made a mistake. Her Second Greatest Mistake to be exact. With…Texas State Police Detective Charlie Fields.

A man…she wasn’t so sure she even liked. Then when he gave her the brush off the next morning, Rory had to make a decision.

She was going to put that man behind her and move on! (Not so easy to do when one of her best friends is Charlie’s daughter Charlotte–her partner in the TSP forensics department!)

Things just keep getting more complicated after that…

Rory and Charlie’s book is now LIVE! It’s the final Season book–at least for a while–and I greatly enjoyed writing the entire series. It let me explore characters in a different way than I have before. There may be more Seasons books (or novellas) coming, I just don’t know when.

**Never Chasing Charlie is a bit different from the others in the series.

It takes place half in Masterson… and half in Finley Creek.

There are characters from both series’ who make appearances!***

Amazon. Barnes and Noble. Kobo. Google Play.


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