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About Mel Beck Barratt and her blog.canstockphoto14372217

Melody Beck Barratt is a fictional character who is a part of the PAVAD: FBI books and Finley Creek books. Melody was injured almost three years ago when she was shot by someone mistaking her for her older sister Carrie. She is a former Texas State Police detective, and was forced into retirement after her injury. She is partially paralyzed and was predicted to never walk again. Mel proved the doctors wrong and now walks with the aid of a forearm crutch.

Her story is told in the books Wanting (her older sister Carrie’s story),  Revealing, and she makes an appearance in Running, as well.  Mel meets her man in The Price of Silence, the final book in the first Finley Creek trilogy.

Mel’s Musings is her ‘private’ journal as she deals with being a newlywed and starts her career as a novelist and adjusts from being a former cop on disability to being married to the wealthiest man in Texas.

Here on Mel’s Musings you’ll find glimpses of her and her husband’s lives, appearances from her wild and crazy family, and snippets from the novels Mel has in the works.

Mel’s currently working on an historical romance and is sharing it here on her blog.

“Jude & The Barratt”

Mel also answers questions and loves comments, so feel free to leave her your thoughts and opinions on her works!

Mel’s Musings in Chronological Order: 

Mel’s Musings 1. Houghton, Chance and the Drone

Mel’s Musings 2. My Family

Mel’s Musings 3. Dinner at Dad’s

Mel’s Musings 4. Jillian Lied

Mel’s Musings 5: Definition of Trauma

Mel’s Musings 6: Therapy

Mel’s Musings 7: Handley Barratt Strikes Again!

Mel’s Musings 8: Brynna is Brynna-ing Me Again!

Mel’s Musings 9: Goodnight, Laptop!

Mel’s Musings 10: Wheepy Ol’Me.

Mel’s Musings 11: Carrie Wins!

Mel’s Musings 12: Sixty!

Mel’s Musings 13: Malcolm Kevin Sebastian Lorcan

Mel’s Musings 14: I Scared Him.

Mel’s Musings 15: I have my Pride.

Mel’s Musings 16: Value Today

Mel’s Musings 17: Worried…

Mel’s Musings 18: Overwhelmed

Mel’s Musings 19: Jillian

Mel’s Musings 20: Tagged By My Own Sister

Mel’s Musings 21: So I Was Wrong…

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