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Just a quick blog today with release links for Not Kissing Nick! I’m currently driving somewhere in a cornfield in Illinois on my way to the University of Illinois, to take Kiddo to a one-day softball clinic. She doesn’t know it yet, but when we get to Champaign, we’re going to hit the museum on campus. They have lots of exhibits on ancient civilizations. We just spent the last school year studying…ancient civilizations. 😉 I can’t pass up the opportunity when we have several hours to kill, anyway! (The hotel does NOT have a swimming pool, so…I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled, lol.)

** It looks like Google Play is taking their time getting it the book loaded! I’ll check again when I get to the hotel! **

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Nick Tyler had done the noble thing twenty years ago by pushing Robin Patton away when she’d been a teenager with a crush on an older man. Then life had taken them in different directions.

Robin is back in Masterson now. As gorgeous, tempting and intriguing as ever.

Nick is never going to survive.


Nick Tyler is definitely one of them. After one week working with him Robin came up with a plan. No touching Nick, no falling for Nick, and definitely no kissing Nick.

It just isn’t safe.

Besides, Robin is far too busy raising three kids on her own to even think about a relationship with a man like Nick…right?

But staying away from temptation is just so hard to do.

She is doing good—until one day at work…when there was a knock on the door. A social worker stands there—holding the hand of a little girl.

A little girl who is all alone now. A little girl with Tyler blue eyes, and the word daddy on her lips.

Uh-oh. Robin knows exactly what’s about to happen now…


He’d been robbed of six years of his daughter’s life—he hadn’t even known she’d existed.

But Nick has her with him now, where she belongs.

Seeing Nick’s determination to be the best father he can be has Robin falling even harder. Changing her plans. Just a little. Because someone needs to help him. And it is going to be her.

But somehow helping Nick just keeps turning into kissing Nick.

And Robin doesn’t want to stop…It’s time they finished what they started, right?

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