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I’m a bit behind posting links today. I’ve been fighting technology and cranky internet all day. So…right to the good stuff. Book 8, Chandler & Linsey’s book, Standing the Storm, is now available everywhere!

And…because book 9 is just hours away from being thrust into the editor’s hands…Book 9, Feeling Like Forever, is now up for preorder! (Book 9 was supposed to not be on the schedule to write until 2025, and was book 13 on the schedule, but…Sage and Gil had far different plans…)



No one knows that better than Masterson County social worker, Linsey Hodson. She’d learned that lesson fast when a crazy stalker nearly killed her and her best friend Jude fourteen months ago.

When a close childhood friend dies, Linsey’s life changes again. Three young children and a brand-new baby girl are now dependent on Linsey to make the world right for them. To be the mother they deserve—to fulfill the promise she’d made long ago.



Chandler Tyler is a busy man—one with plans. He runs a successful trucking company, has multiple rental properties around Masterson County, and is about to open the restaurant he’s been planning for years. 

He doesn’t have time to be distracted by that little blond pain-in-the-ass Linsey. Or the chaos that almost always surrounds her. But Linsey needs help, right now. He’s the only one who can give it. Even though every time he gets within range of Linsey, storms erupt instantly.

He’d rescue her this one time, then they’d go their separate ways. That sounded like a fair plan to him now.


But seeing Linsey’s determination to be the mother four innocent kids deserve ignites an answering fire in him. To protect. To help. To hold her in his arms and show her that the storm between her and him is just the beginning of the passion they can create together.

While Chandler’s making new plans to get the woman he wants more than anything, someone else is getting much too close. And they are determined to take what matters most from Chandler, however they can.

That includes Linsey…and the four children they love so much…




The old proverb says that if you save a life, it is yours. Well, Gil Tyler had never believed that before. Until he found the gorgeous sheriff’s deputy lying alongside the highway, about to become a victim of the storm.

Now, he can’t get her out of his head. Or his heart. But convincing the reluctant-for-romance Sage that he’s not the hot-headed Tyler he used to be is proving harder than he expected. But he’s a Tyler—he knows the woman meant for him when he sees her. It’ll just take some careful planning—and maybe an apology to her brother for that whole breaking the guy’s nose thing—to show Sage that Gil’s feelings for her are the real deal now.

And he wants forever with her…


Small towns held their own secrets. Deputy Sage Lowell knows the same holds true for her beloved Masterson County. She’s determined not to let those secrets destroy her town. No matter what the personal cost of the investigation might be.

Sage is focused now on solving the biggest case to ever hit Masterson—she doesn’t have the time, or the inclination, to worry about romance.

Especially romance with a hot rancher who is one of those hot-headed, hot-tempered Tylers.

Tyler men mean trouble—she’s seen it before.

A Tyler had broken her brother’s nose once, and she’d almost arrested two for brawling recently. With each other.

Yes, she has other things to worry about besides the intense look of hunger in Gil Tyler’s eyes…

Like solving this case before someone Gil loves pays the ultimate price. And Masterson will never be the same again…



Well, I had a great blog post all written about the sheriff’s deputy that showed up on my doorstep last week to ask me some questions. (It’s ok, it was about an old cell number I’d had…more than six or seven years ago…nothing major). It was at 8 a.m. though. After I had been up until four a.m. with Super Libby the Mutant Mutt. Yeah, I was a bit too sleep-drunk to pay much attention to what was going on. Or what his uniform looked like. Or how tall he was…or whether he fit well as a prototype for the Finleys or was he more of a “Masterson” kind of deputy.

I totally blew a perfect opportunity for some field research. (And right when I’m writing deputy Sage L.’s book from the Mastersons!).


Well, so…since the laptop ate the blog post (I killed my MacBook Air the next day, so it wasn’t a great start to the week…)…I’ll just get to the heart of the matter.

The next release!

My editor has it now. She’s going to get it back to me in time to release on Friday!

So October, 28th, watch for the next Masterson book, Standing the Storm! This one isn’t up for preorder–the editor wasn’t able to schedule it back in time for a preorder, so I’ll post links when it goes live.

In the meantime, I have also just uploaded a new Finley Creek Halloween short story! (These are short, slice-of-life scenes taking place on Halloween at Finley Creek General Hospital). Both Layla and Joy–a new character in Finley Creek–will get their full stories told. I’m just not sure of their release dates (or years!).

You can grab a free copy via bookfunnel!

And if you are new to Finley Creek this year and missed last year’s short story, you can grab a copy of The Haunting in Room 403, here:

I’m in the process of finishing up a few things and cleaning out my “vault”. I finished up the next Storm Story novelette, Storm Damage. It’s now up on Bookfunnel. I also updated the cover on the first Storm Story (Storm Warning) while I was at it.

If you missed it, it’s the story of Major Crimes Detective Sean Callum and his partner’s little sister, Autumn Evers.

Storm Damage is the story of Major Crimes Detective Mike Evers and the M.E. assistant who gets beneath his skin faster than any woman on the planet.


Detective Mike Evers has always had a thing for assistant M.E. Daryn Mabry. She thought he was the scum of the earth. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get her to change her mind. 

But when an F4 tornado destroys the Texas State Police building around them, it’s up to the two of them to work together. To save lives. People they love—including Mike’s little sister—are trapped. 

And the storm was only the beginning…

This is a 50 page novelette set in the Finley Creek universe.

You can buy your copy at: It’s $1.29, but if you use code SAVE20, you’ll save 20%. (Not just on this book, the code works on any of the books available on the direct store!).


After an F4 tornado destroys the Finley Creek Texas State Police building, Detective Sean Callum knows there is no more time to waste. Trapped with his best friend’s younger sister, evidence tech Autumn Evers, he doesn’t know if rescue was going to get to them in time. Sean makes himself a promise—if they get out in time, he is going to finally tell Autumn exactly how he feels.

 If it’s not too late…

You can grab a copy of Storm Warning here: for $0.99.

The books are delivered via Bookfunnel/payhip, and can be read on any reader, plus directly in your browser. You can also pick up a copy of Storm Warning at Smashwords (for $1.29) and Storm Damage (for $1.49).

In other news, I’ll be determining a release date for Linsey’s book Standing the Storm sometime in the next week. I just need to discuss timing with my editor. It took a few directions I hadn’t anticipated, but I really enjoyed writing it. I’ll be putting it up for a preorder next week!

Wow. It’s almost autumn! I’m not sure how this year has flown by. I blinked back at Christmas and then…it’s September. 

I realized I haven’t updated in a while. Things have been pretty hectic here. It usually is! Kiddo skipped another grade, and is now enrolled in an online high school. She’ll be twelve in December, so it was a bit of a shock. She does everything via the internet, since we homeschool. High school and getting her adjusted is taking quite a bit of my time over the last few weeks, but I think we’ve found a good routine. She’ll have to take her first proctored exam soon—we’ll see how the routine goes after that. 

It has cut into my work time a bit. Combined with me still having some covid after-effects and some seriously irritating brain fog, I’m about to go crazy from lack of writing time. 

am hard at work on Masterson #8, Linsey and Chandler’s story. Zoey’s book is on the schedule, but it’s a very complicated book and I’m not sure when it will be ready for launch. Linsey and Chandler’s book, Standing the Storm, will most likely release in October, depending on the editor’s schedule. I’ll have more details soon. 

I’m also in the early stages of drafting the first Finley Creek: Enemies Within. Powell and Gunnar are going on quite an adventure!

Now that we are getting kiddo on a routine with the high school and I’m back at work again (around kiddo’s schedule and Libby the Dog’s needs! Libby will hit the big 1-7 in Dec!) I’m working on some new things, too. I’ll share more details when I have some more dates nailed down, etc. 

In the meantime, I redid the cover on last year’s Halloween ghost story. If you missed it, you can download a free copy (It’s also got its own page on the blog, right up there at the top!). 

Also, if you missed it… 

The fourth book in the There is a Season… series is now out. As of right now, that book is going to be the last in the series for a while. I have more titles planned, I just don’t know where they’ll be on my schedule. The fourth book straddles both Masterson County and Finley Creek series. If you missed it and you’re waiting on the next Finleys, be sure to check out Never Chasing CharlieCharlotte and Daniel McKellen are major players in it!

Well, this has been a crazy, crazy week! (It somehow always seems crazy around here lately.) Kiddo and I both have suspected Covid (my mom tested positive on Friday, after spending all day out here on Wednesday, and kiddo and I both have symptoms and fever). Kiddo is doing a lot better than this morning, but I feel horrible.

I plan to just sleep for the next week or so! Kiddo does have to miss her softball travel team tryouts, so she’s pretty upset. But…there are other teams out there (we’re signed up for a few other tryouts, already).

I did get Rory’s book back a little sooner than anticipated. It’s now LIVE on all the retailers!

Here’s a quick blurb (and links). Then I’m crashing again!

Rory Price made a mistake. Her Second Greatest Mistake to be exact. With…Texas State Police Detective Charlie Fields.

A man…she wasn’t so sure she even liked. Then when he gave her the brush off the next morning, Rory had to make a decision.

She was going to put that man behind her and move on! (Not so easy to do when one of her best friends is Charlie’s daughter Charlotte–her partner in the TSP forensics department!)

Things just keep getting more complicated after that…

Rory and Charlie’s book is now LIVE! It’s the final Season book–at least for a while–and I greatly enjoyed writing the entire series. It let me explore characters in a different way than I have before. There may be more Seasons books (or novellas) coming, I just don’t know when.

**Never Chasing Charlie is a bit different from the others in the series.

It takes place half in Masterson… and half in Finley Creek.

There are characters from both series’ who make appearances!***

Amazon. Barnes and Noble. Kobo. Google Play.


This week has been crazy busy. Last week was just as crazy. I took kiddo to softball camp, and we hit a museum while we were over in Illinois. (And btw, 11-year-olds get the giggles in rooms with Greek and Roman statue reproductions…) We added a second night in a hotel so that I didn’t have to drive home late that night after camp. Then…when we got back, we thought we were losing Liberty the Border Collie again. At 16 1/2, we know it’s just a matter of when, at this point.

We did the whole sudden vet visit yesterday (again). She’s doing fine today. The abscess on her leg wasn’t nearly as bad as we first thought. It was still scary, though.

Today is the second anniversary of her stroke. I was sure then that we’d lose her, but this dog just keeps on ticking. I’ve never seen a more determined dog in my life.

A quick book update, now:

I’m a little behind on everything on my “hoped for” schedule. Between Libby’s sudden trips to the vet, and the attack on our little ducks, Kiddo’s softball camp, and some other things that have been going on, my work time has been almost non-existent this week. I’m hoping to get back on schedule starting tomorrow.

I have sent the fourth (and possibly final) Seasons book to my editor. She’s going to get it back to me in time for a July 21st release! (But not in time for a preorder!) After that, I think it’s going to be Linsey’s turn to get her story! That may change as I get further into the process. Zoey is also moving along ok, at this point.

(Libby is doing better and can put weight on her leg again. The duck that was attacked by a raccoon does in fact still have her eye! She’s made a full recovery, but will have some very intriguing scars to talk about with the other ducks out there now!)

I’m also about to finish a brand new PNR title (Becca and Matt!) that has been in the making since 2012! I’m feeling confident that the rest of the summer will be far more productive than the last few months!

Coming July 21st.

Just a quick blog today with release links for Not Kissing Nick! I’m currently driving somewhere in a cornfield in Illinois on my way to the University of Illinois, to take Kiddo to a one-day softball clinic. She doesn’t know it yet, but when we get to Champaign, we’re going to hit the museum on campus. They have lots of exhibits on ancient civilizations. We just spent the last school year studying…ancient civilizations. 😉 I can’t pass up the opportunity when we have several hours to kill, anyway! (The hotel does NOT have a swimming pool, so…I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled, lol.)

** It looks like Google Play is taking their time getting it the book loaded! I’ll check again when I get to the hotel! **

Amazon. Apple. Barnes & Noble. Kobo. Google Play (coming soon).


Nick Tyler had done the noble thing twenty years ago by pushing Robin Patton away when she’d been a teenager with a crush on an older man. Then life had taken them in different directions.

Robin is back in Masterson now. As gorgeous, tempting and intriguing as ever.

Nick is never going to survive.


Nick Tyler is definitely one of them. After one week working with him Robin came up with a plan. No touching Nick, no falling for Nick, and definitely no kissing Nick.

It just isn’t safe.

Besides, Robin is far too busy raising three kids on her own to even think about a relationship with a man like Nick…right?

But staying away from temptation is just so hard to do.

She is doing good—until one day at work…when there was a knock on the door. A social worker stands there—holding the hand of a little girl.

A little girl who is all alone now. A little girl with Tyler blue eyes, and the word daddy on her lips.

Uh-oh. Robin knows exactly what’s about to happen now…


He’d been robbed of six years of his daughter’s life—he hadn’t even known she’d existed.

But Nick has her with him now, where she belongs.

Seeing Nick’s determination to be the best father he can be has Robin falling even harder. Changing her plans. Just a little. Because someone needs to help him. And it is going to be her.

But somehow helping Nick just keeps turning into kissing Nick.

And Robin doesn’t want to stop…It’s time they finished what they started, right?

Why is it whenever I make plans, something totally crazy derails them?

I was intending to write a post today about the newest release (June 21st!), Not Kissing Nick, but I just don’t have the energy to organize my thoughts right now!

The last few days have been hectic and a little bit traumatic.

Two weeks ago, I was almost certain we were going to lose Libby within a few days. She had stopped eating and was lethargic and listless. All she wanted to do was sleep. I was sure… So we did what we had to do to prep the kiddo for the “inevitable”.

Come to find out, Libby didn’t want her homemade dog food and her barkthritis was flaring up. She ate just fine when I gave her a bite of toast with strawberry jam. And when she nabbed a hamburger off kiddo’s plate. And leftover beef stew. And the other dogs’ weight management dry dog food… She was just not wanting the food we were giving her, so she decided not to eat it.

We fixed that issue with jarred baby food and dry dog food mixed together. She likes stuff with a stronger smell, apparently.

She’s back to her old Diva self and is doing just fine. We upped her pain meds for a few days and that was all it took.

She hit 16 and a 1/2 on June 15th and celebrated by getting into the trash can and the dishwasher in the same day.

So everything stressful eased off a bit, right?


Some murderous, sociopathic fanged and clawed beast got into our duck coop and killed one of our Quackies early yesterday morning. It was especially traumatic for our kiddo after the last week or so of worrying about Libby and just not a good day for any of us all around. (I didn’t realize just how attached to the ducks I actually am, either.)

We realized last night when we put the other three ducks in a now better secured coop (I put paving bricks on the lid this time!) that Li’l S**t, our most daring/adventurous duck–previously named Buffy the Vampire Slayer Orpington–had also been grabbed around the head and was injured.

She has lost her eye on one side, and her beak is all claw-marked up. And there are scratches on the other side of her little duck face.

So this morning, after dropping kiddo off at her Saturday tae Kwan do class, I high-tailed it to our vet three blocks away with photos of the damage. Then after TKD I had to drive the 30 minutes home and weigh the duck before heading back to the vet to get a shot of antibiotics and a bottle of oral antibiotics. Then we had to go an additional 40 minutes to the nearest Walmart to get the other supplies we needed. (Joys of living in the middle of the forest–you have to drive everywhere! O.o)

So I spent all afternoon when I got home cleaning a little duck’s head with Dawn and warm water, flushing it with saline, covering it with bactricin, and then my husband and I gave a duck a shot of antibiotics.

I have a duck hanging out in a tote in my spare bathroom… She’ll be there for about a week. She’s a bit angry about things (I don’t blame her) and actually hissed and pecked at Libby when Lib wanted to check her out.

She needs oral antibiotics 2x a day for three days and 1x a day for three days after that. Plus the bactricin on the eye itself and we’ll need to flush it a few more times, as well.

And…did I mention I am going out of town with kiddo Tuesday–for 2.5 days? My husband is on duck duty. He’s…not exactly thrilled at the assignment.

I spent most of the drive today trying to explain to an eleven-year-old why some things just sort of happen and how to deal with them without panicking. How to pivot, how to make plans, and that when you take on the responsibilities of a pet–no matter what kind of animal–you have a responsibility for the bad times, too.

Life is always a lesson, right? Life is definitely an adventure. (Heaven help me, it’s about to get more adventurous. Kiddo asked to make dinner. All by herself. I’m not allowed in the kitchen at all. This can go either way!)

Now…I need to google how to give a duck oral antibiotics. The vet said to pry her beak open and shoot it in. I somehow suspect it’s not going to be that simple.

I swear this is going to end up in a book some day. (Dusty’s, maybe? I mean…the woman is a vet tech, after all! And they do have a flock of ducks at the Talley Inn…)

Anyway… I should say something about the books, right? That’s what people come here for, lol.

Not Kissing Nick releases on Tuesday, June 21st. It’s up for preorder everywhere but Google Play. I’m working on getting it on GP tonight. I forgot to post an excerpt from Nick before. I’m linking to it here!

The next book, Never Chasing Charlie is with the editor now. Because of scheduling, I won’t be getting Charlie back in time to put it on preorder, so it’ll just be a regular release! I’ll post when it goes live.

I’ve posted an extended excerpt of Never Chasing Charlie here.

I think it was my most enjoyable of the Seasons book to write. It takes place in both Masterson and Finley Creek. I got to blend in characters from both series’. Charlie releases on July 21st!

(This is my little baby quackie. She’s a 3.75 pound Buff Orpington. They are extremely sweet ducks, but wow! does this one have spirit and attitude. But she likes it when I hold her!)

I’m “recuperating” from coaching a bunch of 9-11 year old girls for the past three months. (Wow, they take a lot of energy!!!!) And I just sent There is a Season book 4 off to the editor! No release date yet, but Rory was a lot of fun to write. 😀 The book takes place between Masterson County and her home in Finley Creek, so I got to play with all of my favorite characters in both places.

Now I am back to the romantic suspense schedule. The next book is either Zoey’s, or Linsey’s, just depends on who gets finished first.

In the meantime, There is a Season book 1 (Rhea/Gerald in Just Loving Gerald) is on sale at all the retailers for 20% off for however long they leave it that price!

You can find links to it HERE.

Forever Holding Phil went live today! In this second book in the There is a Season series, Phil–father of the heroines in Masterson County books 1-4–gets his second chance at love when Glenna Carnes moves to Masterson to work as his temporary housekeeper. It can get real complicated, real quick–considering between them, they have 11 children ranging from 27 years old all the way down to 2!

The book is available at Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and directly from Calle’s website. (Google Play is being a bit difficult, and should be live soon!) For links to the retailers, click the image below or visit: