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oBeginning     PAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseAgent Jasmine Len & Agent Dakon Royal
oWaitingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseAgent Ana Sorin & Agent Fin McLaughlin
oWatching PAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Georgia Dennis & Agent Michael “Hell” Hellbrook
o“Knocked Down” #0002PAVAD: FBI Case Files Suspense**Can serve as a prequel for WANTING**
oWantingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseAgent Carrie Sparks & Sebastian LorcanA Finley Creek cross-over
oSecond ChancesPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseAlly Brewster & Dan Reynolds/Marianna Glendower 
oHuntingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Julia “Jules” Bellows & Dr. Malachi Brockman
oRunningPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseAgent Alessandra Brockman & Seth LorcanA Finley Creek cross-over
oRedeeming *PAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Payton Asher & Davis “Luc” Lucas
o“White Out” #0004PAVAD: FBI Case Files Suspense**Can serve as a prequel for REVEALING**
oRevealing *PAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseAgent Paige Daviess & Mick BrockmanA Finley Creek cross-over
o“Knocked Out” #0001PAVAD: FBI Case Files Suspense**Can serve as a prequel for HER BEST FRIEND’s KEEPER**
oStalkingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseEmma Reynolds & Agent J.T. Thompkins
oGhostingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Kelly Reynolds & Dr. Joshua Compton
oHer Best Friend’s KeeperFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseGabby Kindall & Elliot MarshallElliot first appeared in Case File #0001
oShelter from the StormFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseBrynna Beck & Chance MarshallCarrie’s sister, from WANTING
oThe Price of SilenceFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseMelody Beck & Houghton BarrattCarrie’s sister, from WANTING
oBurningPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseMerrick Cody & Sinclair Lorcan
o“Knocked Around” #0003PAVAD: FBI Case Files Suspense**Can serve as a prequel for GATHERING**
oGatheringPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Leina Howell & Ken Chalmers
oSeeking the SheriffMasterson County Romantic SuspensePhoebe Tyler & Joel Masterson
oDiscovering the DoctorMasterson County Romantic SuspensePip Tyler & Matt Masterson
oRuining the RancherMasterson County Romantic SuspensePandora Tyler & Levi Masterson*Slight Finley Creek cross-over
oDenying the DevilMasterson County Romantic SuspensePerci Tyler & Nate Masterson
oFallingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Mia Ripley & Evan Stephenson
oHidingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseDr. Kyra Dillon & Camden Lake**Prequel for HOLDING THE TRUTH
oIf the Dark WinsFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseDr. Lacy McGareth & Travis Worthington-Deane
oWounds that Won’t Heal *Finley Creek Romantic SuspenseJillian Beck & Dr. Rafael Holden-Deane
oHope for Finley CreekFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseCherise McAllister & Vincent Acardi*free bonus novella*
oAs the Night EndsFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseAriella Avery & Governor Marcus Deane
oHolding the TruthSmall-Town Sheriff Mainstream FictionBailey Moore & Clay Barratt Addy
oBefore the Rain BreaksFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseDr. Fin Coulter & Dr. Virat Patel*free bonus novella*
oLost in the Wind *Finley Creek Romantic SuspenseDr. Nikkie Jean Netorre & Dr. Caine Alvaro
oSeeking  PAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseShannon Toliver & Ezra Hahn
o“Buried Secrets”  #0005PAVAD: FBI Case Files SuspenseDr. Miranda Talley and Dr. Allan Knight **Masterson County/Finley Creek cross-over.**
oWalk through the FireFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseAnnie Gaines & Mayor Turner Barratt
oWe All Sleep AloneFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseIzzie MacNamara & Dr. Allen Jacobson
oSearchingPAVAD: FBI Romantic SuspenseMaddox “Max” Jones & Jaclyn Jones
oFacing the FireMasterson County Romantic SuspenseMaggie Tyler & Clint Gunderson*Story starts in Buried Secrets*
oJust Loving GeraldThere is a Season…Dr. Rhea Masterson & Gerald Talley
oTrusting that TylerMasterson County Romantic SuspenseJude Hopewell & Michael Tyler
oStand Next to MeFinley Creek Romantic SuspenseShelby Jacobson & Jake MacNamara*Should be read before Never Chasing Charlie
oMeaning in MastersonMasterson County Romantic SuspenseNikki Tyler & Hunter Louis Clark
oForever Holding PhilThere is a Season…Glenna Carnes & Philip Tyler
oNot Kissing NickThere is a Season…Robin Benson & Nick Tyler
oNever Chasing CharlieThere is a Season…Rory Price & Charlie Fields*Finley Creek/
Masterson cross-over
oStanding the StormMasterson County Romantic SuspenseLinsey Hodson & Chandler Tyler
oFeeling Like ForeverMasterson County Romantic SuspenseSage Lowell & Gil Tyler*Finley Creek/
Masterson cross-over
oHearing Her Cries (Coming 2023)Small-Town Sheriff Mainstream FictionZoey Daviess & Murdoch Lake*Finley Creek/
/PAVAD cross-over

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