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DINNER AT my father’s was just as chaotic as usual. It didn’t help matters that Chance’s brother Elliot  brought the governor of Texas to my dad’s house tonight.

Governor Deane–Marcus–is Elliot and Chance’s slightly older cousin. He is widowed with two kids. The kids are awesomely adorable–but slightly diabolical.

They are fascinated with our house and our father, for some reason. Dad just eats it up. He has always been great with kids. Somehow, Marcus Deane keeps finding his way to Dad’s place lately.

Ever since…

He’d knocked me out of the way the day Jillian and Houghton had almost been killed, had covered me with his own body to protect me.

Houghton is ready to erect a shrine in the guy’s honor. And they are becoming friends, too, though Houghton was definitely not the kind of man to get involved in politics.

That day has reshaped our lives too damned much. We were all affected by it.

Some days I had a harder time than others getting it out of my head. I knew what the therapists would say–about all of us.

Traumatic events, PTSD, anxiety, loss of security, vulnerability, etc., etc. I’d heard it all before after someone shot me, thinking I was my older sister Carrie.

I hate how I felt back then. It has taken me a while to get myself back to who I want to be. To see Jilly and Brynna–and even Syd–go through similar emotions hurts.

I hate feeling helpless where they are concerned.

Brynna is coping far better than I thought she would, though. She has regressed a bit on wanting to do things outside of her routine, though. Nothing I haven’t expected–the same thing happened after we lost Mom. Brynna likes to be in situations where she feels some control.

Chance understands that, too. Thank God. He is helping her get through it by keeping her focused on their life and their future now.

I just wish…wish Jilly wasn’t hurting so badly. Maybe this therapy group of Ari’s will help her?

Maybe I’ll go with her myself. Just…to show her that she isn’t alone?

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