MM8: Brynna is Brynna-ing Me Again.

BRYNNA IS being particularly Brynna this morning. I try to remind myself that she doesn’t intend to be annoying, but...she’s twenty-five now. I’ve had twenty-five years to get used to it. So far I haven’t. Still, she looks seriously cute today. She’ll make me an aunt again in less than fourteen weeks. She’s wearing one of … Continue reading MM8: Brynna is Brynna-ing Me Again.

MM5: Definition of Trauma

DINNER AT my father’s was just as chaotic as usual. It didn’t help matters that Chance’s brother Elliot  brought the governor of Texas to my dad’s house tonight. Governor Deane--Marcus--is Elliot and Chance’s slightly older cousin. He is widowed with two kids. The kids are awesomely adorable--but slightly diabolical. They are fascinated with our house and … Continue reading MM5: Definition of Trauma