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I’m “recuperating” from coaching a bunch of 9-11 year old girls for the past three months. (Wow, they take a lot of energy!!!!) And I just sent There is a Season book 4 off to the editor! No release date yet, but Rory was a lot of fun to write. 😀 The book takes place between Masterson County and her home in Finley Creek, so I got to play with all of my favorite characters in both places.

Now I am back to the romantic suspense schedule. The next book is either Zoey’s, or Linsey’s, just depends on who gets finished first.

In the meantime, There is a Season book 1 (Rhea/Gerald in Just Loving Gerald) is on sale at all the retailers for 20% off for however long they leave it that price!

You can find links to it HERE.

2 thoughts on “Quick update for June!

  1. crazynan says:

    I have just finished reading the first 2 while in hospital, they are great and love the way others in several different series’ appear so we catch up with them.
    Thank you for your wonderful books and I have most of your books.
    Hope you recover from all the stress of coping with the troops, of girls.
    Jan xx


    1. lostriverlitpublishing says:

      Thanks Jan! I hope you get to feeling better soon!


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