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The past few months have gone by extremely fast for me. I’m going to “blame” kiddo’s sports schedule. She went straight from volleyball into basketball. Basketball ended this past Saturday–the same day the softball coach called to tell me we had enough girls to form actual teams this year, and to confirm I’d be there to help this season.

Practice starts in two weeks. But kiddo–she’s already “dragging” me out into the yard to throw bright yellow things at me. All I have to defend myself with is a leather thing on my hand. I’m just supposed to keep it in front of me… (Ok, so I actually do know what I am doing on the ball field…)

I enjoy watching her play–I enjoy watching her in all of her activities. Now that she’s getting a bit older, (she’s 11 now!), she’s getting a lot more freedom and independence. She’s building relationships with people now. She sees the same kids at most of her activities–she’s at the age when friendships matter more than everything. That is one of the great things about living in a small town.

I love small town life. If I had unlimited free time, I’d travel to all the small towns I could and just absorb their history.

I think that is one reason I enjoy the Masterson County series so much. The way people connect in a small town. I want to know my kiddo is going to have connections as she grows.

My new series focuses on connections.

But…it’s not really new.

It’s set in Masterson County.

It features some characters that came before. Book one starts off with Joel, Nate, Matt, and Levi’s mother. And she’s busy tormenting her new neighbor: Gerald Talley. (Gerald is the father of Miranda Talley, by the way. She’s from the PAVAD series, and she was featured in Buried Secrets!). Gerald is also the uncle of Darcey, Dixie, Dusty, Daisy, and Charlotte. (Charlotte was heavily featured in Finley Creek’s Stand Next to Me!). He’s the father of Marin, Miranda, and Meyra.

All of them are on the schedule to get their own books soon.

But there are a few things new about this series.

  1. It is not romantic suspense. Masterson County is just too small for that many bad guys to be running around believably. (Although small towns do have their fair share of bad guys!)
  2. It is later in life contemporary romance. Romance doesn’t just happen in your twenties or thirties. Sometimes, it smacks you in the face in your forties or beyond. (Or, in Rhea’s case…her sixtieth birthday!). I found writing older characters to be so much fun. They don’t have the insecurities or the same needs as younger characters, and are usually confident enough to know themselves better. That changed dynamics a bit!
  3. This is a limited number series. There are going to be approximately 4-8 titles. Then I have other series’ planned!
  4. These books are going to be releasing rather quickly. More details on releases will come later, though.

Book 1 is now available as a pre-order. (click here!)


This is not good. She isn’t ready for her late husband’s best friend now.

Widowed Rhea Masterson is finally finding her footing again after losing her husband so suddenly three years ago. Life is good—her sons have all married and are making her the grandchildren she adores. She is happy now.

Until he came back home, anyway.

Retired general-turned-diplomat Gerald Talley is moving his overly rigid hiney in right next door. The man is militant, bossy, arrogant, clueless and just a real pain in the neck. Seeing him brings the memories of the only man she would ever love. Gerald and her husband had been almost inseparable for decades.

And it hurts to remember…


He fixes things that are broken. That isn’t happening now.

He’s failing where it matters most.

His daughter had suffered a horrible trauma two months earlier—but Marin needs more help than Gerald is equipped to give. He is not used to failure. Especially his own.

Gerald is not about to fail his daughter ever again.



As maddening as she’s always been, he needs her. So much.

Rhea’s the one person who can reach his daughter in her time of greatest need, and neither Gerald nor Rhea are ready to let Marin keep breaking the way she is. Now these two need to team up to fix this…

Before Marin slips further away.

But along the way, they realize one truth:

Maybe… life isn’t over when you lose the one you love.

Maybe you can fall in love again—with the friend you’ve never realized you’ve had right next to you all along.

Also: Jude & that Barratt Man

Jude & That Barratt Man has been released as an ebook. There are two versions of this book. One, available at all the major ebook retailer sites (click here).

Available at Most Retailers.

The other edition contains bonus material (a prologue and epilogue featuring Mel and Houghton Barratt). It is only available through direct purchase from me, through Payhip. If you use the coupon code JUDE25 you’ll save 25% off the full retail price of the bonus edition.

Buy Direct!

And one more quick note! I am in the process of getting the website updated–so if things seem like an alien landed in the middle of the Masterson page, etc. I apologize. I’m also in the process of getting as many of the books into paperback as I can. In 2022, I will be selling signed paperbacks directly from the website!

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