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I’m going a lot slower on the paranormal relaunches than I anticipated. But that’s just because the books keep getting longer! I’m currently in the middle of writing the one cousin who didn’t get a book when the Dardanos first released–Rebecca and Matt. Theirs is a story I’ve waited a long time to write, but life (and physical therapy) got in the way of that.

I’ve just put up book 6, Cursed by her Blood, on Bookfunnel. You can download a free copy until 9/26. After that, it’ll be available at all major retailers. If you’ve not checked out the Dardanos series the first three titles are currently free on major retailers, as well. And will be through Halloween, to celebrate that it was 10 years ago next month that I published my first book!

Cursed by her Blood was once titled The Healer’s Heart, and was a 10,000 word short story. The story line in Cursed by her Blood remains generally the same, but the story has expanded to over 32,000 words, with richer detail and world-building.

Jade is probably my favorite PNR character right now, so I hope you enjoy!

And if you are curious about life in my paranormal town, check out my other blog: You’ll find free stories and an ongoing blog written by a fictional character.


But what she is, college co-ed Jade Taniss doesn’t have a clue. Until the vampire she is destined to spend the rest of eternity with shows up in the middle of her family’s vacation estate.

After his family abducted her older sister and three of her cousins to make them vampire brides. 

Well. Isn’t that just nifty?

Her sister and cousins were taken against their wills, of course. Didn’t it always work that way in the vampire novels and movies Jade had pored over for years?

Nothing in life is free. Jade knows that. To be his mate, she will have to become a vampire. Kind of hard to do when she’s squeamish at the sight of blood.

But Jade can probably manage. She can handle becoming a vampire bride if it means she gets to be with the one guy destined for her.

There is only one problem with her plan…


Vampire healer Barlaam Dardaptos has been searching for a cure for what has been killing off his people’s females and infants for centuries. He’s finally getting close.

The last thing he ever wanted to do is find the mate chosen for him by the goddess of his people. Not if it means he could lose her to the same horrific fate.

He just isn’t ready to find her yet. 

Not that any male in any of the worlds could ever be ready for her. 

Keeping Jade safe from the forces gunning for her family won’t be easy—but he’ll fight the coming demon and werewolf mercenaries to protect the female he is destined to love.

No matter the ultimate cost…

Just a few quick notes today. I have been working on Judes. Both the historical–and the next Masterson. Funny how they both ended up with heroines named “Jude”. Apparently, I like that name.

I posted chapters 20 & 21 of Hughes/Jude a few weeks ago, in case you’ve missed them.

Jude cover
Jude wouldn’t let that Barratt man get the best of her!

And, the links are live for the next Masterson preorder! (For all but Google Play, for some strange reason. O.o)


After a disastrous marriage to an abusive man, social worker Jude Hopewell wants nothing more than to build herself a new life in the little town she’s claimed as her own. Jude feels safe in Masterson, like she never has anywhere before. Until one night when her car breaks down in the worst part of town. And one of those wild Tyler boys came to her rescue.


Tylers have reputations as hell-raisers, troublemakers, and men who like violence just a little too much. Jude has been down that road once. She’s learned her lesson well. It’s best to just stay away. Then Jude’s past resurfaces—and that one night with Michael is forgotten.

All she wants now is to feel safe again.


Rancher Michael Tyler had a few nasty encounters with a social worker before. A woman who made her living screwing with other people’s lives has no place in his. Except… he just can’t forget Jude. Can’t forget the way it felt right when he’d held her in his arms that one night. Then the sheriff asks Michael and his brothers for a favor. A favor that changes everything between them.

Now, to get to Jude, the madman will have to go through Michael—and his four brothers—first.

Michael makes her a vow. No one will ever hurt her again…


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It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been able to update. Life keeps getting busier and busier! I am doing loads better physically, though I am still in physical therapy. 

I’ve been hitting my word count goals left and right, too. It looks like, if everything goes according to plan, that there will be 3 more books releasing in 2021. 

I’ve also started some of the titles for 2022—namely Dusty Talley from the Masterson series—she’s the first of a new Masterson mini-series, featuring all the Talleys of Masterson County (well, not all…Miranda is still a PAVAD heroine, and her cousin Charlotte—well, she’s “Chuckie” in Finley Creek! We’ll see her make a few appearances in Shelby’s book soon). 

Dusty is currently being tormented by her best friend Nikki’s big brother!

I’m currently working on Shelby and Jake as the main project, but the two of them are not being very cooperative. Sometimes a book takes longer than expected and is more of a struggle to write than planned. I suspect Jake/Shelby are going to be that way. Finleys can be very complicated books and require a lot more research than some of my other series’. And Shelby is a very complex character.

Other times a book just sort of…pops up out of nowhere. That was the case with the next Masterson. I had planned on the next Masterson novel being Nikki Tyler and Hunter Clark, and releasing around early December. 

Well, for some reason one of Maggie’s brothers, Michael, started talking to me. He eventually crowded his cousin Nikki out—which is not making her happy, as she’s talking to me, too, wanting her story told ASAP!—and Michael’s book was written. 

The next Masterson book was born. And it is not Nikki and Hunter, although Nikki’s book will most likely still be a Nov. or Dec. release.  

Nikki and Hunter have officially been titled Meaning in Masterson.

Michael’s book is called Trusting that Tyler. It is the story of a rugged rancher who loves the Wyoming land and the woman who has never had a real family of her own. You’ve met her before—she’s the social worker who helped Perci and Nate in Denying the Devil.  I’ve found Jude intriguing since the moment I first introduced her, but I never suspected she was meant for Maggie’s brother!

I’m in the final stages of prepping it for the editor now. It’ll most likely release in mid-to-late October. I’ll post pre-order links after I speak with my editor and coordinate our schedules. 

Here’s the (current) description:


Social worker Jude Hopewell loves it in Masterson County. After a disastrous marriage to an abusive man, she wants nothing more than to build herself a new life in the little town she’s claimed as her own. 

Jude feels safe in Masterson, like she never has before. Until one night when her car breaks down in the worst part of town. And one of those wild Tyler boys came to her rescue.


Tylers—men smart women know to avoid.

Tylers have reputations as hell-raisers, troublemakers, and men who like violence just a little too much. Jude has been down that road once. She’s learned her lesson well.

Then Jude’s past resurfaces—and Michael Tyler is forgotten. She has bigger problems. All she wants is to feel safe again. To be safe again. That means she needs a safe place to hide.


Rancher Michael Tyler had a few nasty encounters with a social worker before. That man had just made life harder for him, his brothers, and his teenage sister right after they’d lost their parents.

A woman who made her living screwing with other people’s lives has no place in his.

Except… he just can’t forget Jude. Can’t forget the way she had of looking at him that seared into his soul. The way she had just felt right when he’d held her in his arms. 


The sheriff has asked Michael and his brothers for a favor: Keep her safe. No matter what.

Michael’s brothers brought her home to his ranch—like a wounded kitten needing a home. Like she was exactly where she belonged.

Michael makes her a vow as the nightmare comes closer: 

To get to Jude, the madman will have to go through Michael—and his four brothers—first.

It’s been a busy few months, with Clint and Maggie’s book Facing the Fire releasing, me starting and finishing Jude and Michael’s book, working on Shelby’s, Nikki’s, and Dusty’s, and a few other things—including the paranormals—and getting back in the homeschool rhythm again. We added a new kitten to the zoo around here, too. Yama Banana Puddingstone (named by the kid, of course). He…spends most of his day entertaining Freyja the Border Collie. He’s the funniest cat I’ve ever seen, and he’s adorable. 

And one more thing, before I forget!

I’ve been able to write several chapters—and almost finish our other Jude (I didn’t intend to give them the same name, it just happened!) and Hughes! I also didn’t realize that it would end up being as long as some of the first Mastersons. She was a lot of fun to write and experiment with—even with the hurdles of falling and being in physical therapy, etc.—and I’m looking forward to finding out how she finally resolves. 

I’m going to be posting a chapter every Thursday until she’s finished. In the meantime:

Jude & Hughes Chapter 18 & Chapter 19!

Jude cover
Click here to read the beginning of Jude & the Barratt Man, a Finley Creek Historical.

I’ve been hard at work, trying to get as many words as possible. So far, July has been a very productive month—except we keep getting rained out whenever we are planning to finish installing the pool. It’s becoming a bit irritating!

I’ve finally got a release date on Maggie and Clint’s book. It’s not a novella, like the first four in the series. It’s as long as Phoebe and Pip put together! That wasn’t quite what I had anticipated, that’s for sure. It was a difficult book to write, considering that I tend to throw characters into dangerous situations. For Maggie, that wasn’t exactly easy to do. 

It will be available on August 242021.

The pre-order is live for those who like to order ahead.

The last preorder (for Searching) went very well. Amazon did NOT send out the wrong files this time, or send corrupted ones (things they have done before). 

So hopefully this next preorder will go just as smoothly.

For a sneak peek of Clint and Maggie, click here:

I’ve also got another chapter of Jude and the Barratt man up, now, for those that are following along. 

Jude cover wouldn’t let that Barratt man get the best of her!

I’m hard at work on the next books. Shelby is my main focus, but I have more Mastersons in the works, too. I’m also gearing up to re-release the next paranormal. It’s been a busy, busy summer, that’s for sure!


I’ve been working like crazy, trying to finish Clint and Maggie’s book. It’s not going as fast as I had hoped—mostly because “life” keeps jumping in the way. I have finished the cover and am thrilled with it. 

At the same time, I got updated Masterson covers!

I’ve also finished the cover for the next novel. It is for Hunter and Nikki, which I have already started writing, but I don’t know the exact release date yet. 

Also—if you haven’t picked up the first four novellas, now is the time to do it—they are all either free, or $0.99 for a few weeks! Grab them now, and please feel free to share the sale on social media!


I had to delete an entire chapter from Maggie and Clint because it just didn’t move the story forward—but it works great as a small short story. You can find it below!


Clint was a man on a mission. He had Miranda’s address programmed into his phone. It still took Clint time to find his way around St. Louis. 

He wasn’t exactly a city boy.

He far preferred Masterson County, even if he was the black sheep of that little place in Wyoming. 

Masterson County was home.

The only home he’d ever had.

The door swung open and familiar green eyes stared at him. Miranda had her red-brown mass of curls pulled up into a high ponytail and she looked far more flustered than he had ever seen her. She wore baggy sweats that didn’t match, socks that definitely didn’t, and was wild-eyed and exhausted. 

If he wasn’t mistaken, there was something brown smeared on her shoulder. He hoped like hell that it was chocolate, and not what else it looked like.

What the hell was going on with her now?

“Hey, kid. Hope you don’t mind a visitor.” Clint opened his arms, knowing that Dr. Miranda Talley would come right to him. She looked like she could use a hug right now. Like she really needed it.

She’d been the first woman he had ever truly loved; their relationship had lasted for two years before Clint had ended it. Miranda had needed to leave the county to become the woman she was meant to—and Clint had known that. That had been one of the hardest things he’d ever had to do, but it had been the right decision. For her.

Now she was one of his two closest friends on the planet. 

She’d saved Maggie and Violet. His family. He would forever be in her debt for that. 

“Why are you here, Clint? Not that I’m not glad to see you.” She had bruises beneath her eyes. Tired. She was beyond tired. Concern for her had him pausing for a moment. Miranda was usually far more together than this. She prided herself on being capable of handling anything.

The woman before him didn’t exactly look like she had a handle on anything right now.

“What did you do with my family?”

“You finished with your case? Is it safe for them to go home?”

“Hell, yes.” Clint was one hundred percent sure of that. “We got the bastards—two are in prison and one is dead. Can’t get more finished than that.”

“Good. I knew it was just a matter of time. I knew you’d find them.”

Clint hugged her again. He had rarely been close to anyone in his life, but his late wife Amy, Miranda and Rex Weatherby made up that entire list. 

And Maggie.

With Maggie—he wanted to get a hell of a lot closer. He just had to find her first. “Spoke with your grandma. Got your new address.”

“How is she? I haven’t been able to go home for a few months.” She shot a worried look down the hall. 

“Tough as nails and constantly go, go, go. Other than that, as beautiful as ever. I think there may be a man sniffing around her heels, by the way. He’s younger. Only seventy-eight. Roller derby may have been mentioned.”

“Hilarious. You staying a while?”

“Just for the night. I’m on a mission.” 

“Guestroom’s open. You know it always is.” 

Clint grabbed his bag and carried it in behind her, wiping his boots on the porch before he stepped onto the girly pink carpet in the foyer. The rest of the house appeared to be hardwood.

The pink was a bit out of place. Miranda had never liked pink.

“No boyfriend going to get jealous?” She’d had another agent in tow when she’d been in Masterson County last time to help Clint with a case gone bad. Clint had been convinced the slightly older man had had it bad for Miranda then. “Knight, maybe?”

“Not enough time for that for me. And…the last two men that I dated wanted to change me. Not exactly my thing. Besides…there is only room in my life now for one man. You can meet him in the morning, if you’re still here. It most definitely is not—and will never be—Mr. Cranky-Pants Dr. Allan Knight.” She scowled as she said it. But…Clint thought there was a bit too much protest right there. Too much fire. 

He’d long thought Miranda needed a man who yanked her right out of her comfort zone, her ‘I’m in charge and can handle anything’ way.

“How’s work going?” Clint accepted the coffee she handed him. Miranda was addicted to specialty flavors. This one smelled remarkably liked peanut butter and chocolate. “Jaclyn?”

She laughed. “Beautifully. She and Max married on New Year’s Day and are in the process of adopting two little girls. This is Jac’s house. I’m renting it now.”

“I wondered if they’d ever hook up.”

He would have said more, but the sound of running feet coming up the hall had him tensing. He’d thought they were alone. Clint didn’t like surprises.

A little boy no more than six or seven came barreling into the kitchen, brown hair sticking up everywhere and in blue dinosaur pajamas.

Miranda had been a foster parent off and on for three years now. He hadn’t heard she had a new placement, though. Apparently, he had been wrong.

And Flo, her grandmother, hadn’t mentioned it.

“Mommy!” the little boy threw himself into Miranda’s arms, and turned to look at Clint. “I had a bad dream. Who is that?”

“Clint, meet Bentley,” Miranda said, slipping him onto her hip and hugging him close. “He’s my son now. Forever. As soon as the judge makes it legal in two months. Bentley and I are sticking together forever. No matter what. Bentley, this is Uncle Clint, one of my best friends ever.”

Clint waited until she tucked him back into his bed. Then over coffee he found out exactly what was going on with Miranda.

And she told him where he could find his own family. He’d waited long enough. He was going to go get Maggie and Violet, bring them back to Masterson County where they belonged.

First thing in the morning.

Clint could wait that long. He had a plan. He knew where they were. They were safe and protected, and just waiting for him.

Maggie, his daughter, and the baby he suspected they’d made between them that one night. 

It was just a matter of time before he was with Maggie again…

Well. Today’s post is a short one!

Everything has been super-hectic here. We’re getting ready to install the pool over the next few days. Kiddo wrapped up a full school year and has moved into her summer review stuff. We have one more week of softball. And everything has been busy, busy, busy. 

SEARCHING (PAVAD #18) is live everywhere. It’s available in paperback, ebook, and hardback. 

Kindara’s book Bound to the Demon is also out now. I’m working on a brand new paranormal now. It’s finally time to tell Becca and Matthuin’s story. I mean, being held hostage by a half-vampire/half-werewolf…there has to be something interesting going on…

I’m also wrapping up the tail end of Maggie/Clint—and have started Nikki and Hunter. Yep. The Hunter Louis Clark—the lead actor in Rowland Bowles’s movie he filmed in Masterson (book 3 of the series features Hunter as a side character. Ruining the Rancher.) I still don’t have release dates yet, but the books are moving along. 

In the meantime, another chapter of Jude is now available here!

Jude cover
Jude wouldn’t let that Barratt man get the best of her!

SEARCHING went live this morning. There were no problems with the preorder on Amazon’s end. I consider that a minor miracle. This was probably one of the hardest PAVAD novels to write. It has been so long since I’ve done a PAVAD, I thought I’d be out of practice. And then, of course, SEARCHING decided it was going to be a longer novel than any of the other PAVADs. There were a few surprise twists in there, too. Things I did not expect to happen at all! 

It’s available at the following links:


Barnes & Noble       

Google Play   




Jaclyn Jones has earned her stripes for the FBI: PAVAD division over the last four years. When a murder case involving a friend of hers comes into PAVAD’s jurisdiction, Jac takes the lead.

Along with her former partner Max Jones—same last name, absolutely no relation. They were nothing to each other any longer. 

Not since one heated kiss changed everything between them.

A kiss that sent Max running for the proverbial hills like his boxers were on fire. 

Now Jac has to put all of her chaotic feelings where Max is concerned aside to focus on finding her murdered friend’s missing daughters—two little girls who eerily remind Jac of herself and her own younger sister. The little sister Jac will always protect. Jac and her sister had been vulnerable and in the hands of a madman once, too.


But there are more secrets in PAVAD than one heated kiss between partners—and those secrets have a way of coming to the surface at the worst possible time.

A PAVAD agent is dead, his wife and three children devastated—and the killer is targeting people Jac considers friends. 


The people she loves.  

Now, the only people she knows she can trust completely are the ones on her team—and the one man who has almost always had her back.  The only place Jac truly feels safe now is in Max’s arms.

Jac and Max have to figure things out—both on the job and between themselves fast.

Because if the enemy is as close as Max suspects, they might not ever get the chance again…


Kindara and Rathan will be relaunching on 5/19! Their novel was the first novel-length fiction I ever completed and was the book that launched my career. It was just shy of 225 pages and was so fun to write! It was published in 2012. I am super-thrilled I’ve finally been able to revise and expand it a bit. It’s now around 300 pages and the world building is a lot richer. I enjoyed the rewrite just as much as I did the original manuscript. 

You can grab a copy free HERE on Bookfunnel until 5/18!

If you are new to the Dardanos series, the first novella in the series (also a relaunch title!) is available as a free download on major ebook retailers now, and novella #2 is on sale for .99. 





I was able to book a narrator for the next Masterson County novella who has actually appeared in Criminal Minds. He’s hard at work on Pan & Levi now. Hopefully, it’ll be releasing in mid-July. I’m going to get started on Perci & Nate’s audio within the next few weeks. After that, I’ll be jumping over to Buried Secrets. Sometime this year, it’ll be Gabby & Elliot’s turn! Eventually, I hope to be able to have audiobooks ready to release at the same time as ebooks, but that’s a ways away.

The Masterson County audios are available at Apple, Kobo and Google Play.

I was going to post this yesterday, but we had a surprise/last minute softball makeup game. Softball with tween girls is EXHAUSTING! (And standing in the dugout for 2 hours keeping them from clunking each other in the head with bats left me feeling sore!)

Kiddo is having a great time. She’s not so great at catching yet, and she’s one of the youngest in her division. Because we’re in a small town, she plays with 10-13 year olds. There is a lot of physical differences between a just turned 10 year old and a 13 year old athletically.

Kiddo was on shortstop, and caught the only infield fly, then flipped it to third for the division’s only double play so far this season. Very, very, very proud of herself.

But I didn’t remember that softball would consume so much of my time of the evening! (Nor did I realize I’d end up in the dugout this season…)

so without further delay:

The next chapter of Jude:

Jude Chapter 15.

Ah! Things are getting crazy here (mainly because of “suddenly” helping out with kiddo’s softball team and running her around trying to squeeze tae kwan do in around softball. She’s a busy little monster, that’s for sure. 

I’m hard at work on the next romantic suspenses. I’ve started Nat’s book (SAVING) for a 2022 release date. I’ve also started a few other titles that are coming down the list. I am in the early phase of Zoey’s book and am actually right on schedule—for the first time in a long time. I’m getting ready to slow down on the physical therapy a bit; just in time to replace it with lap swimming again! (Which is great, as it’s my favorite form of exercise but still makes me nervous, as a fall in the locker room was how I injured myself the first time!)

I’m also working on the paranormals. I’m getting ready to relaunch Kindara’s book in two weeks. Kindara’s story was the first full-length book I ever wrote. It’s always going to be dear to my heart for that reason. 

It’s hard to believe that book was written eleven years ago, shortly followed by Georgia and Hell in Watching. 

Things certainly have changed in ten years. 

I’m also working hard on the blog stories. Jude is moving along nicely. Jume—the vampire secretary who is currently stuck as a hostage in the hotel—has her own blog. I’m having a lot of fun with her. She’s far snarkier and more adventurous than I originally intended. Jume will get her own book someday, by the way. But…there’s a lot of storyline that still needs to happen first. 

But the real news is…

I have a release date for Jac and Max’ book!

I am actually going to try another preorder with this book (even though Amazon has messed up the previous FOUR preorders I did back in 2014/15!). If it goes well, hopefully I’ll be able to do more on preorder. 

It is currently available on Apple Books here:

It is currently available on Amazon here: .

**Check it out on Kobo here:

Barnes and Noble is finally live:

And Google Play!

To read a sneak peek, visit:

If it prompts a password, type in SEARCHING and that should do it!

In other news…

I’ll be posting a new Jude chapter on Monday, May 10th.


One of my two closest friends, my bestie Cassidy Carter’s new book from Hallmark Publishing released today!

Once, they were in love with music—and each other.
Life took them in very different directions…
But a wedding in the pines brings them together.

Slater’s job has never been busier at Cabins in the Pines, the recently expanded resort. On top of everything else, he’s the best man for his boss’s upcoming wedding, and he’s trying to make sure everything goes perfectly. But there was one detail he didn’t plan on: the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, Hope.

Years ago, when Hope dated Slater, she dreamed of a musical career. Now, she’s working at her father’s financial firm, and he expects her to take over someday. Hope’s determined to make their conference at Cabins in the Pines a success…while ignoring her misgivings about her own future.

When Slater and Hope meet again, all their memories come rushing back—including the pain of their breakup. Could this unexpected interlude lead to a new beginning?

You can pick up Cassidy’s book everywhere ebooks are sold!