The Desolate Ch. 5.

She had green eyes. Not gold, like a Dardaptoan, but green. Her hair was dark brown and long. She was small, barely bigger than Iahanna—the smallest Dardaptoan female he had ever seen—and skinny. She had almost no curves to speak of.

She was the most beautiful female he had ever seen.

He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea that she was here in the demon world, though. She had been human. She should have been safe back in America. Or wherever she came from.

Not here in the demon world where the three hells were about to erupt and possibly wipe every realm out completely.

And he would be at the front of the fight.

He was Adrastos, and that was his way.

Which meant this poor girl would face the war every single day. It wasn’t exactly what he would have wanted for his mate, was it?


Vampire guy must have taken a real knock to the head. M.J. was pretty well stunned into silence—for once—and she just stared at him as Iahanna lectured him on the proper way to treat a female. Especially one who’d been through what M.J. had. She appreciated the other woman’s defense, but, well…

Iahanna looked small enough for the vampire guy to eat if she made him mad enough. “Iah, I’ll deal with him. I don’t want to make trouble for you.”

Iahanna had enough troubles of her own. The second time M.J. had met the other woman a big dude with a black scarf had cornered Iahanna and was trying to force her to…well, he didn’t succeed. M.J. made sure of that with a big stick upside the asshole’s head.

She and Iahanna had kept an eye out for each other when they were both on the streets together, but still respected each other’s space.

Although Iahanna had offered to let M.J. live with her and her cousin, Cayri once.

But M.J. hadn’t wanted to be a burden on the small group of mostly women and children who were dependent on Iahanna to lead them. She wasn’t raised to be a burden.

She was actually raised to keep her head down and always moving.

Well, the demon attack had stopped that, hadn’t it?

Iahanna patted her hand once. “Do not worry about me, M.J. This is one of my Rajni’s brothers. He will not hurt me. Nor will I let him hurt you.”

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The Desolate: Ch. 1.

It was a dark and nasty and pitiful and horrific kind of night and I was minding my own business, walking across the campus of the best vet school in Indiana when something jumped out and nabbed me. I didn’t have a clue then what had happened and even now, six months later, I’m not certain I know any more than I knew then…

Meghan Jane Taniss, formerly known as M.J. to the people she’d left behind in the human world, stared at the paragraph she’d typed into the screen of her laptop and did an internal happy dance. It had taken her five months to find a power source for the computer but thanks to some yellow and purple stones she’d found near the Demon River a week ago, she had finally found a solution. Who knew that the small rocks the size of strawberries would conduct a weird type of electricity when placed close enough together. As long as the rocks formed a complete circuit by touching, she could create a crude power system. She’d been working on the rockattery in her spare time for well over a week. She’d scavenged the parts she’d needed from the area when no one else in this strange demon city had been looking and she was finally pleased with the results. She’d just wanted to be able to power up her laptop again. That was all. Not like she expected there to ever be internet in the demon city of Thrun.

That was so not likely to happen.

Thrun was a city straight out of a sci-fi/fantasy novel, complete with towering buildings unlike any she’d ever seen, vampires populating the city—both during the night and the day, dispelling that particular myth—and demons walking around like they owned the place.

Big, sexy, sex demons who sometimes didn’t take no when a human-in-hiding gave them that answer. She’d barely escaped with her clothing intact the last time she’d been unfortunate enough to have a run in with an Incubus demon.

She figured it was best to just keep her head down and her fingers inside the vehicle at all times.

Hiding out was her new motto. She’d had to become damned good at it over the last six months.

Ever since some weird guy who claimed to be a wolf swooped over head and yanked her into another dimension.

It was a wonder she hadn’t been eaten by now.

She’d come too damned close to having just that happen one time too many.

She looked at her arm, at the still healing rip and the bruises that surrounded it.

Some demon had tried to cart her off to his lair. She wasn’t certain what he’d intended to do with her once he got her there, but she could probably figure it out.

Sex demons populated this world, after all. She’d either have ended up in the demon’s bed—or in his soup pot. Some of the demons ate human, and like it or not, there weren’t all that many humans floating around the demon city Thrun.

In fact, she’d met two. Two women around her own age who’d had the same thing happen to them. They kept to themselves, same as she did.

She didn’t know where they hung out and they didn’t know about the little cave she called home just on the outskirts of the city. It wasn’t much, but it was her home now. It had two caverns, one much smaller than the other, and a small stream flowed through the larger. She had fish and clams and a weird looking type of lobster—sometimes dinner was delivered right to her door. Grains and vegetables were easy to pilfer in the fields that surrounded the city.

If she was careful. Sometimes she wasn’t.

Sometimes hunger just got to be too much.

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