The Desolate Ch. 5.

She had green eyes. Not gold, like a Dardaptoan, but green. Her hair was dark brown and long. She was small, barely bigger than Iahanna—the smallest Dardaptoan female he had ever seen—and skinny. She had almost no curves to speak of.

She was the most beautiful female he had ever seen.

He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea that she was here in the demon world, though. She had been human. She should have been safe back in America. Or wherever she came from.

Not here in the demon world where the three hells were about to erupt and possibly wipe every realm out completely.

And he would be at the front of the fight.

He was Adrastos, and that was his way.

Which meant this poor girl would face the war every single day. It wasn’t exactly what he would have wanted for his mate, was it?


Vampire guy must have taken a real knock to the head. M.J. was pretty well stunned into silence—for once—and she just stared at him as Iahanna lectured him on the proper way to treat a female. Especially one who’d been through what M.J. had. She appreciated the other woman’s defense, but, well…

Iahanna looked small enough for the vampire guy to eat if she made him mad enough. “Iah, I’ll deal with him. I don’t want to make trouble for you.”

Iahanna had enough troubles of her own. The second time M.J. had met the other woman a big dude with a black scarf had cornered Iahanna and was trying to force her to…well, he didn’t succeed. M.J. made sure of that with a big stick upside the asshole’s head.

She and Iahanna had kept an eye out for each other when they were both on the streets together, but still respected each other’s space.

Although Iahanna had offered to let M.J. live with her and her cousin, Cayri once.

But M.J. hadn’t wanted to be a burden on the small group of mostly women and children who were dependent on Iahanna to lead them. She wasn’t raised to be a burden.

She was actually raised to keep her head down and always moving.

Well, the demon attack had stopped that, hadn’t it?

Iahanna patted her hand once. “Do not worry about me, M.J. This is one of my Rajni’s brothers. He will not hurt me. Nor will I let him hurt you.”

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The Desolate Ch. 2.

Marous Adrastos battled the demons with the skill of the warrior that he was. It was the fourth demon attack on the great city ran by his cousin Nalik in two weeks.

There had to be a reason for it.

The last attack had focused on the center of the city near the library and had almost taken his brother Havrich’s mate, and their sister Aureliana’s babe. Something was building in the demon world they’d all been relocated to. And it wasn’t going to be good.

He dispatched the last green winged beast with a thrust of the sword he’d inherited from a cousin long since gone and turned to see where he could make himself useful again. He was Adrastos, and he would not stop until the fight was at an end.

Somehow the battle had pushed him closer to the center of town, toward the cursed building that had once been the library. His brother Rion’s mate had almost died inside it during a previous demon attack.

A flash of dark hair caught his attention.

A female, slim and dark-haired, was slipping between the two broken columns that mostly blocked the entrance. Nalik should have had it boarded up completely, but apparently someone didn’t have a problem defying the orders of one most powerful beings in any of the eighteen realms. Was she that foolish?

A karscasun demon slipped into the library behind her.

He was a Dardaptoan male, and it was his duty to protect and defend every female in need. He did not hesitate to follow.

The library was a large cavern filled with the remnants of the city’s former occupants, who had been gone a long time. Books were decaying everywhere. Vines prevented him from seeing the girl at first.

But he heard her.

He cut the vines separating him from her with the sword in his hand, his heart beating ten times as fast as it had just moments before when he could have died at the hands of demons.

It was her.

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