The Desolate


Human Meghan Jane Taniss was scooped up and deposited in the demon city of Thrun without anyone asking her if she wanted to go there. 

She’d been dealing with that situation for the last six months, trying not to become demon food.

Well…she was bound to get caught eventually, right?

Dardaptoan Marous Adrastos had spent five hundred years training to be one of the best warriors his vampiric race had ever known. Skill that would be needed as the war with the Dark Sorcerer drew closer.

Marous and his brothers were tasked with protecting the demon city from that sorcerer and he would give his all to ensure that all within the city walls were kept safe.

Including the mate the goddess had chosen for him…

M.J. wasn’t too keen on being a vampire’s bride, though…

How was Marous to convince her?

The Desolate: Ch. 1

The Desolate: Ch. 2

The Desolate: Ch. 3

The Desolate: Ch. 4

The Desolate Ch. 5

The Desolate Ch. 6

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