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Mel Beck Barratt loves to write, and always has a notebook in her hands or nearby. Join her as she settles in as the wife of eccentric billionaire Houghton Barrett. Mel is currently in the process of writing a series of historical novellas that she’ll be posting here on the blog eventually.

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Meghan Jane “M.J.” Taniss was scooped up and deposited in the demon city of Thrun–against her will. Now the part-human/part-Druid has to make her own way in a world where she is nothing more than demon food!

Marous Adrastos was one of the best warriors of all time. But even he has a hard time keeping the mate the goddess had given him safe. M.J. has a habit of finding trouble…

Join Marous and M.J. as they–and other Dardaptoans–settle into their new lives in the world of the demons, as the Great War approaches…

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What happens when the new head of the Cold Case Division, Jarrod Foster, butts up against the new head of the Computer Forensics division? Haldyn won’t take any of his attitude, that’s for sure!