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Just a short update today. Kiddo has a softball game an hour away at five, so we’re rushing to get her school finished and make sure everything we need is in the car. She has another game tomorrow! It’s a busy, busy three weeks coming up, with softball, finishing the school year, a tae kwon do tournament, doctors’ appointments and all that good stuff. 

I’m finishing up a few work projects. The next PNR has been languishing for far too long, so I’m going to spend some time on that. I’m hard at work on Haldyn’s book, with the Finley Creek series. The Enemies Within mini-series is going to be very complicated, I think. I’ve already had a few surprises pop up—especially with Powell and Gunnar. 

Zoey’s book is now available for preorder. It is the longest, most complicated, difficult book to write I’ve ever had. And I love it! It is around 75-100 pages longer than Shelby, which is the closest book in length. Zoey is as long as Gabby and Brynna’s books combined! I definitely did not expect that!

It answers almost all of the questions about Paige, Luc, Ariella, Caine and Rafe, Simon and Pen’s mother and what she was involved in before… (I hope). 

For now, you can get it for $6.99 as a preorder. On June 30th, the price will be going up to $8.99. 

I did have the release date wrong in my last post. It releases June 22, not June 20!

Also, if you haven’t read the first Small-Town Sheriffs book, Holding the Truth, it is currently 50% off at most retailers. Murdoch is an important side character in that book, and Zoey makes an appearance, as well. Murdoch’s brother Cam gets his story in HIDING (PAVAD), which happens right before Holding the Truth. (HIDING is available as a free download at most retailers).

Books that tie to Zoey’s birth mother are:

  • Redeeming (PAVAD)
  • Revealing (PAVAD)–this is where Zoey’s mom’s story line is really introduced.
  • Wounds that Won’t Heal (Finley Creek)
  • As the Night Ends (Finley Creek)
  • Lost in the Wind (Finley Creek)
  • Stand Next to Me (where Zoey is a major side character).

Why did the monsters always come for the innocent?

—She’d never stop hearing the cries of the ones most vulnerable.

Former Sheriff Zoey Daviess has moved on from her Texas State Police days. Now, her mission is to uncover her birth family’s secrets and reveal the truth about the woman who sold Zoey’s siblings for cold, hard cash. Her search unearths more questions than answers.

To uncover these painful secrets, she must once again join forces with her former partner.

Sheriff Murdoch Lake.

His rugged good looks were the stuff that made a woman stop and stare, but the moment he opened his mouth, Zoey was reminded why the man infuriated her like no other.

Zoey Daviess was destined for far more than life in little Garrity, Texas.

—He, Murdoch Michael Lake, had been sent there to rot.

Fourteen months ago, nearly losing Zoey showed Murdoch the depth of his feelings for the confounding woman. She owned his heart and soul.

But he’d never confess that. The woman had bite, after all.

Zoey was the long-lost sister of a billionaire. She was meant for a different kind of life than what Murdoch could offer. Murdoch vowed to behave—hands off, no matter how difficult that became each time she looked his way.

Why was it always the innocent who suffered the most?

The past harbors more pain, fear, and turmoil than Zoey could ever have imagined. With each passing moment, the evil draws closer.

Can Zoey and Murdoch uncover the truth before she is forced to witness the loss of the people she loves the most?

HEARING HER CRIES is a 600-page, small-town western romantic thriller. It is a stand-alone novel that takes place in the wider Finley Creek and PAVAD: FBI and Masterson County universe. The Small-Town Sheriffs series contains multiple scenes of violence, adventure, dark criminal behavior, cursing by heroes, heroines and villains, a few mild-to-moderate love scenes, and references to subject matter that may distress some readers.

** Hearing her Cries does make mention of some very sensitive topics, including pregnancy loss, including side characters, and subject matters that may be triggering for some readers, such as mass shootings, child abuse and other dark themes.**

You can find it at the following retailers (so far): 

Apple :


Barnes & Noble:


Other retailers will be coming soon!

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