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It’s been a very busy week! I hope everyone had a great holiday. 😀 Ours was nice and relaxed. I have two releases this week. Feeling Like Forever, featuring Gil and Sage, is Masterson County book #9. And a third Storm Story novelette is now live!

Masterson #9 released without a hitch this morning. I really enjoyed writing this one. And it just sort of…flew…from my fingers. Gil…was flat out adorable. Which really surprised me! Since I never planned on the Masterson series going past Perci and Nate’s story (book #4). But I wanted Phoebe, Pip, Pan & Perci and to have an even bigger extended family. So I gave them their Tyler cousins…And with each one of those Tyler boys I create, I fall a bit harder for them myself! I’m not sure who exactly will get their book next. Or even if it will be a Tyler! (I know it’s either Dusty, Meyra, Marin, or Auggie). I do know that I really enjoy the Mastersons and intend to write a lot more!


The old proverb says that if you save a life, it is yours. Well, Gil Tyler had never believed that before. Until he found the gorgeous sheriff’s deputy lying alongside the highway, about to become a victim of the storm. Now, he can’t get her out of his head. Or his heart. But convincing the reluctant-for-romance Sage that he’s not the hot-headed Tyler he used to be is proving harder than he expected. But he’s a Tyler—he knows the woman meant for him when he sees her. It’ll just take some careful planning—and maybe an apology to her brother for that whole breaking the guy’s nose thing—to show Sage that Gil’s feelings for her are the real deal now.

And he wants forever with her…


Small towns held their own secrets. Deputy Sage Lowell knows the same holds true for her beloved Masterson County. She’s determined not to let those secrets destroy her town. No matter what the personal cost of the investigation might be. Sage is focused now on solving the biggest case to ever hit Masterson—she doesn’t have the time, or the inclination, to worry about romance. Especially romance with a hot rancher who is one of those hot-headed, hot-tempered Tylers. Tyler men mean trouble—she’s seen it before. A Tyler had broken her brother’s nose once, and she’d almost arrested two for brawling recently. With each other. Yes, she has other things to worry about besides the intense look of hunger in Gil Tyler’s eyes…

Like solving this case before someone Gil loves pays the ultimate price. And Masterson will never be the same again…

Anyway…if you’ve not grabbed your copy yet, you can find links to your preferred retailer here:

For the Storm Story novelette featuring radio meteorologist Houston Evers and his rich-girl-with-a-secret radio producer Brooke, check out STORM THREAT.

She just wants to feel safe again.

Brooke Jacobs hasn’t trusted a man in a long, long time. She hides her fear behind a confident, take-charge attitude. But it’s just a sham. Someday soon, someone is going to see the real her. But Brooke has bigger problems—the station engineer is stalking her, and she doesn’t know how to make him stop.

Meteorologist Houston Evers wrote Brooke off as just another rich girl riding on daddy’s money. Until they are trapped at the station while an F4 tornado is destroying their city.

But more than just the storm is threatening Brooke now, and Houston is all that stands between her and the danger coming her way. 

Can Houston show Brooke that he’s the kind of man she can trust forever? Before it’s too late?

2 thoughts on “Masterson #9 is Live! And…a brand-new Storm Story Novelette.

  1. Evelyn Williams says:

    Are you going to write another book with the characters of Miranda and Allen, instead of keeping us holding on, and keeping us in suspense? I have enjoyed the books I’ve read immensely. So please keep writing, and make my anxiety calm down, with another book with Miranda and Allen.
    Thank you so Michael for your great books!!!


    1. lostriverlitpublishing says:

      Hi Evelyn! I am definitely writing more Miranda/Knight book(s). They are in the process now! Thanks for reading!


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