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Free Stories from Finley Creek and more…

Just a quick update before I get back to arguing with Zoey’s book (It’s proving difficult!) and finishing up some much more cooperative projects for the new year. (It’s Murdoch Lake who is being so difficult in Zoey’s book. He likes being difficult…)

Google Play now allows authors to create audiobooks read by their artificial intelligence program. As an experiment, I did my shortest series and am thrilled with the results!

These titles will only be available on Google Play (makes sense, it’s their tools that allow the audiobooks to be created, after all!) and as soon as I figure out how to offer them direct, they’ll be available to purchase through my site/store.

But for now…

Rhea and Gerald’s book Just Loving Gerald is available for free! It’s only going to be free for a few weeks so snag a copy–and share the link–now!

Also, in case you missed it, Chandler and Linsey’s book is now available. It was a fun one to write, that’s for sure! (I had no idea where the kids came from before I started writing. Or WHY things happened the way they did. And…the Finley Creek cross-over part…Yeah, totally unexpected! And a bit longer than I anticipated!)

Also, be sure to grab a preorder copy of Sage and Gil’s book, Feeling Like Forever. It releases on Dec. 27!

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