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Wow. It’s almost autumn! I’m not sure how this year has flown by. I blinked back at Christmas and then…it’s September. 

I realized I haven’t updated in a while. Things have been pretty hectic here. It usually is! Kiddo skipped another grade, and is now enrolled in an online high school. She’ll be twelve in December, so it was a bit of a shock. She does everything via the internet, since we homeschool. High school and getting her adjusted is taking quite a bit of my time over the last few weeks, but I think we’ve found a good routine. She’ll have to take her first proctored exam soon—we’ll see how the routine goes after that. 

It has cut into my work time a bit. Combined with me still having some covid after-effects and some seriously irritating brain fog, I’m about to go crazy from lack of writing time. 

am hard at work on Masterson #8, Linsey and Chandler’s story. Zoey’s book is on the schedule, but it’s a very complicated book and I’m not sure when it will be ready for launch. Linsey and Chandler’s book, Standing the Storm, will most likely release in October, depending on the editor’s schedule. I’ll have more details soon. 

I’m also in the early stages of drafting the first Finley Creek: Enemies Within. Powell and Gunnar are going on quite an adventure!

Now that we are getting kiddo on a routine with the high school and I’m back at work again (around kiddo’s schedule and Libby the Dog’s needs! Libby will hit the big 1-7 in Dec!) I’m working on some new things, too. I’ll share more details when I have some more dates nailed down, etc. 

In the meantime, I redid the cover on last year’s Halloween ghost story. If you missed it, you can download a free copy (It’s also got its own page on the blog, right up there at the top!). 

Also, if you missed it… 

The fourth book in the There is a Season… series is now out. As of right now, that book is going to be the last in the series for a while. I have more titles planned, I just don’t know where they’ll be on my schedule. The fourth book straddles both Masterson County and Finley Creek series. If you missed it and you’re waiting on the next Finleys, be sure to check out Never Chasing CharlieCharlotte and Daniel McKellen are major players in it!

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