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I haven’t had time to blog over the last few weeks–we’ve had a few health issues and things that have derailed my work schedule. I’m slowly getting back into the routine after the holidays, as well.

I’m hard at work on new books. Zoey’s book is going to be an absolute monster to write! In it, I will expand and resolve a HUGE plot line that starts in the PAVAD series and runs throughout the Finley series and ends in a Small-Town Sheriff book! It’s the story of Zoey’s mother and just how she managed to have so many children that she sold for profit.

The Children of Denise Daviess saga started in Redeeming. It is the story of Zoey’s eldest brother Luc. Right now, Redeeming is on sale for $0.99, if you’ve never read it.

Next is REVEALING–Zoey’s older sister Paige’s story. In this book, younger sister Ariella is introduced!

The following Finley Creek novels tell more of Denise’s story:



LOST IN THE WIND (Nikkie Jean)

In STAND NEXT TO ME (the latest Finley Creek novel) Zoey has a major role–and a major life changing event.

There are more missing children of Denise Daviess out there. Some of them will most definitely get their stories told, too!

Zoe’s hero is Murdoch Lake–her co-sheriff and mortal enemy! (I love a good enemies-to-lovers novel!).

Murdoch is the brother of the hero in HIDING. Some of Murdoch’s family story is told in that book, if you want to check that out as well.

Zoey and Murdoch’s book (tentatively titled HEAR HER CRIES) will release LATE 2022. There will be a few other releases between now and then.

2 thoughts on “Quick note/update!

  1. Jamie Greene says:

    Your stories helped me smile during a hard time in my life. My father passed this week. I just want to thank you for the books I could read to distract myself


    1. lostriverlitpublishing says:

      Jamie, thank you for commenting. I’m so sorry about your father. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! CJ


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