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The preorder for Stand Next to Me is now live everywhere, including Google Play. It’s a day early, so I’m excited.

SNTM will be available at a special discounted price of $5.99. (Preorder 12/15-12/20). She’ll release at $5.99 and stay there until 12/26. On 12/27, Shelby will move to her regular price of $7.49.

Shelby’s book took on a life of its own (like they all somehow do), and ended up turning into a monster book. Shelby had a lot of growing to do–and so did Jake. I think he actually changed the most in the book. He starts off being a total butthead to her–because she terrified him!–but changes as the story progresses.

Because I don’t start a book completely knowing what will happen, I wasn’t sure at the beginning what story needed to be told. Or even when it started. Shelby’s book actually begins on the one-year anniversary of the storm that struck Finley Creek, during the Finley Creek Disaster series. While it definitely wraps up a loose end or two with the Disaster series, it’s really more independent of Fin, Nikkie Jean, Annie, and Izzie’s books.

And it is definitely a stand-alone. But…it does tie-in to some events that occurred in Lacy’s book (If the Dark Wins), as well. (If you’ve not read Lacy’s book, it is on sale for .99 right now!)

Like I said…a monster book. But one I am super-proud of and excited to release. I’ve linked to the retailers.



Not when the beast is Major Crimes Detective Jake MacNamara. Sparks fly between them every time they meet. Shelby Jacobson doesn’t have time to deal with him.

Especially now.

He is just getting in Shelby’s way as she finally fights to keep a promise made long ago.


The TSP and being a cop is so deeply entrenched in his soul Jake doesn’t know where the Texas State Police ends and he begins.

But… he has always wanted Shelby. And sometimes the woman who had inherited millions just gets too close. Tempts him too much.

That makes him a bit…surly…where the sweetly shy lady is concerned.

He knows he’s an ass to her, but it’s the only real defense he has against her.

Jake is made for work boots and cotton T-shirts—not donning tuxedos and attending charity benefits with a woman like her. He’ll just keep his distance so he doesn’t do anything stupid.

◆◆◆ BUT… ◆◆◆

Shelby has a secret so dark and dangerous people will kill to keep it hidden. Now she’s found herself entangled in the biggest case of Jake’s career—with only one man who can protect her.

Only…Jake and the TSP might not be enough to keep her safe.

If Jake fails, Shelby will pay the price.

And Jake will lose the one woman he has ever loved forever.


Stand Next to Me takes place one year after the events of the Finley Creek: Disaster trilogy, and is a complete, stand-alone romantic suspense novel. 


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