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This blog is a bit longer than usual. It has several links, too. I put up a new chapter in Jude and Hughes and put up a novelette for sale in the Finley Creek universe. (I’m working on the second novelette next week!)

Well, so I’ve been busy. Back in physical therapy and juggling kid’s schedule between tae kwon do and volleyball and homeschool co-op. Seems like we’re going places more than we stay home. I warned her that as she got older, if she wanted to do “stuff” it was going to be more work. She seems up to the challenge! She’s in tae kwon do now, working hard toward that purple belt. She’s not afraid to work hard when she wants something… (Now if I could just get her to work that hard on her homeschool…)

I just posted chapter 25 of Jude and Hughes. I think there is going to be one more chapter before it’s finished. Maybe, there may be one plus an epilogue. I’ll probably leave Jude and Hughes up until after Christmas. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet, though I do plan to put it into a downloaded ebook format soon.

Anyway, I have another day or two of polishing on Shelby’s book to go, then Monday, it’ll be headed to the editor! I was a bit conflicted about Shelby’s book and where it would fit into the series. It is a part of the Disaster series, but it really serves almost as a complete stand-alone. And it is a lead-in to the next Small-Town Sheriff book (Zoey Daviess and Murdoch Lake), and a lead up to the next Finley Creek series.

That one features four men from the TSP, are all enemies-to-lovers stories, and are going to be a little more on the action/adventure romance side, I think.

Shelby and Jake’s book is the longest book I have ever written, coming in around 10-20 pages longer than Bailey and Clay’s Holding the Truth. It was a really fun book to write, as Shelby’s personality was a complete mystery to me until I started writing.

Once I get her cover done and get her sent to the editor and we agree on a date to get it back to me, I’ll be putting Shelby/Jake up as a preorder.

And don’t forget, Monday is Jude and Michael’s release date for the Masterson series! I really enjoyed writing Michael’s character. I’m already working on the next Masterson as well. They are fun to write–they are a little different than the Finleys and the PAVADS. Finleys especially require more research so they can be a bit draining. Mastersons are great to write in between. If you haven’t preordered, you can do so by scrolling to the bottom of the link:

I’ve also put up a short story on Payhip (and Smashwords, though Payhip is 20c cheaper!). It takes place during the tornado that destroyed part of Finley Creek. It’s called Storm Warning, and features Detective Sean Callum from the TSP. I don’t want to give too much away, but it is the story of Sean and the woman he has loved for years–his partner Mike Evers’s younger sister Autumn! (Payhip link) (Smashwords Link)

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2 thoughts on “Jude Chapter 25 & a Finley Creek Novelette Now Available.

  1. sheila taylor says:

    Is the novellette available in UK please?

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    1. lostriverlitpublishing says:

      Hi Sheila, the payhip link should work for the UK. Payhip is UK-based, I believe. Let me know if it works, CJ.


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