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I’m in the finishing days on Shelby and Jake, so today’s blog is going to be super short so I don’t lose momentum. 😀 I am also halfway through another Masterson (Nikki and Hunter). I “hope” to have at least one of the books out by Christmas. It just depends on my actual finish dates and when the editor can schedule them in. (I don’t book in advance since I never know my actual finish dates.) I am revising Shelby’s cover–same model, different pose–but don’t have it finished yet. I have Nikki’s cover done–but her title is still undecided.

I posted another of the final chapters of Jude and Hughes. It’s one of my favorites, as she is taking control! I do think another week or two and it will be finished.

My plans for Jude is to leave her up on the blog for a while, then pull her down, revise her a bit, and send her off to my wonderful editor. After that, I will be creating her in ebook format. I will be offering her through direct sale here on the website. Something I’m really excited to be doing.

Jude cover
Jude wouldn’t let that Barratt man get the best of her!

In fact, I have a few things that I will be starting to over direct probably sometime this month or next month! But more to come on that later!

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