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I’m going a lot slower on the paranormal relaunches than I anticipated. But that’s just because the books keep getting longer! I’m currently in the middle of writing the one cousin who didn’t get a book when the Dardanos first released–Rebecca and Matt. Theirs is a story I’ve waited a long time to write, but life (and physical therapy) got in the way of that.

I’ve just put up book 6, Cursed by her Blood, on Bookfunnel. You can download a free copy until 9/26. After that, it’ll be available at all major retailers. If you’ve not checked out the Dardanos series the first three titles are currently free on major retailers, as well. And will be through Halloween, to celebrate that it was 10 years ago next month that I published my first book!

Cursed by her Blood was once titled The Healer’s Heart, and was a 10,000 word short story. The story line in Cursed by her Blood remains generally the same, but the story has expanded to over 32,000 words, with richer detail and world-building.

Jade is probably my favorite PNR character right now, so I hope you enjoy!

And if you are curious about life in my paranormal town, check out my other blog: You’ll find free stories and an ongoing blog written by a fictional character.


But what she is, college co-ed Jade Taniss doesn’t have a clue. Until the vampire she is destined to spend the rest of eternity with shows up in the middle of her family’s vacation estate.

After his family abducted her older sister and three of her cousins to make them vampire brides. 

Well. Isn’t that just nifty?

Her sister and cousins were taken against their wills, of course. Didn’t it always work that way in the vampire novels and movies Jade had pored over for years?

Nothing in life is free. Jade knows that. To be his mate, she will have to become a vampire. Kind of hard to do when she’s squeamish at the sight of blood.

But Jade can probably manage. She can handle becoming a vampire bride if it means she gets to be with the one guy destined for her.

There is only one problem with her plan…


Vampire healer Barlaam Dardaptos has been searching for a cure for what has been killing off his people’s females and infants for centuries. He’s finally getting close.

The last thing he ever wanted to do is find the mate chosen for him by the goddess of his people. Not if it means he could lose her to the same horrific fate.

He just isn’t ready to find her yet. 

Not that any male in any of the worlds could ever be ready for her. 

Keeping Jade safe from the forces gunning for her family won’t be easy—but he’ll fight the coming demon and werewolf mercenaries to protect the female he is destined to love.

No matter the ultimate cost…

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