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I’ve been hard at work, trying to get as many words as possible. So far, July has been a very productive month—except we keep getting rained out whenever we are planning to finish installing the pool. It’s becoming a bit irritating!

I’ve finally got a release date on Maggie and Clint’s book. It’s not a novella, like the first four in the series. It’s as long as Phoebe and Pip put together! That wasn’t quite what I had anticipated, that’s for sure. It was a difficult book to write, considering that I tend to throw characters into dangerous situations. For Maggie, that wasn’t exactly easy to do. 

It will be available on August 242021.

The pre-order is live for those who like to order ahead.

The last preorder (for Searching) went very well. Amazon did NOT send out the wrong files this time, or send corrupted ones (things they have done before). 

So hopefully this next preorder will go just as smoothly.

For a sneak peek of Clint and Maggie, click here:

I’ve also got another chapter of Jude and the Barratt man up, now, for those that are following along. 

Jude cover wouldn’t let that Barratt man get the best of her!

I’m hard at work on the next books. Shelby is my main focus, but I have more Mastersons in the works, too. I’m also gearing up to re-release the next paranormal. It’s been a busy, busy summer, that’s for sure!

One thought on “New Jude and Sneak Peek of Maggie and Clint

  1. Ellen F Lee says:

    I very much enjoyed the sneak preview of Clint & Maggie. Their personalities were very compelling.


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