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Ah! Things are getting crazy here (mainly because of “suddenly” helping out with kiddo’s softball team and running her around trying to squeeze tae kwan do in around softball. She’s a busy little monster, that’s for sure. 

I’m hard at work on the next romantic suspenses. I’ve started Nat’s book (SAVING) for a 2022 release date. I’ve also started a few other titles that are coming down the list. I am in the early phase of Zoey’s book and am actually right on schedule—for the first time in a long time. I’m getting ready to slow down on the physical therapy a bit; just in time to replace it with lap swimming again! (Which is great, as it’s my favorite form of exercise but still makes me nervous, as a fall in the locker room was how I injured myself the first time!)

I’m also working on the paranormals. I’m getting ready to relaunch Kindara’s book in two weeks. Kindara’s story was the first full-length book I ever wrote. It’s always going to be dear to my heart for that reason. 

It’s hard to believe that book was written eleven years ago, shortly followed by Georgia and Hell in Watching. 

Things certainly have changed in ten years. 

I’m also working hard on the blog stories. Jude is moving along nicely. Jume—the vampire secretary who is currently stuck as a hostage in the hotel—has her own blog. I’m having a lot of fun with her. She’s far snarkier and more adventurous than I originally intended. Jume will get her own book someday, by the way. But…there’s a lot of storyline that still needs to happen first. 

But the real news is…

I have a release date for Jac and Max’ book!

I am actually going to try another preorder with this book (even though Amazon has messed up the previous FOUR preorders I did back in 2014/15!). If it goes well, hopefully I’ll be able to do more on preorder. 

It is currently available on Apple Books here:

It is currently available on Amazon here: .

**Check it out on Kobo here:

Barnes and Noble is finally live:

And Google Play!

To read a sneak peek, visit:

If it prompts a password, type in SEARCHING and that should do it!

In other news…

I’ll be posting a new Jude chapter on Monday, May 10th.


One of my two closest friends, my bestie Cassidy Carter’s new book from Hallmark Publishing released today!

Once, they were in love with music—and each other.
Life took them in very different directions…
But a wedding in the pines brings them together.

Slater’s job has never been busier at Cabins in the Pines, the recently expanded resort. On top of everything else, he’s the best man for his boss’s upcoming wedding, and he’s trying to make sure everything goes perfectly. But there was one detail he didn’t plan on: the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, Hope.

Years ago, when Hope dated Slater, she dreamed of a musical career. Now, she’s working at her father’s financial firm, and he expects her to take over someday. Hope’s determined to make their conference at Cabins in the Pines a success…while ignoring her misgivings about her own future.

When Slater and Hope meet again, all their memories come rushing back—including the pain of their breakup. Could this unexpected interlude lead to a new beginning?

You can pick up Cassidy’s book everywhere ebooks are sold!

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