Introducing the TSP: Cold Case Files!

Finley Creek TSP: Cold Case Files

An online serial featuring Detective Jarrod Foster and Dr. Haldyn Harris, head of forensics for the Finley Creek: Texas State Police post.

Chief Marshall had assigned one of the few men he fully trusted to the task of finding the answers that had plagued the Finley Creek: TSP for fifty years. Now Detective Foster had to search through hundreds of open cold cases to see where police corruption might have played a part.

To do that, he had to partner up with the one woman in the entire TSP post that just got under his skin and drove him crazy.

Haldyn Harris knew Foster was up to more than he’d said. And she didn’t trust the misanthropic anachronism one bit. But Elliot Marshall was someone she did trust. And Haldyn would do her job.

But she’d keep an eye on Foster while she did it…

Join Jarrod and Haldyn as they search for the answers in the old cases that Bennett Russell almost destroyed, along with other recurring characters and some new!

For the next month, I’ll be posting the early chapters in the first Cold Case File. After that, a new chapter will be posted every two weeks. In the meantime, here’s a quick (unedited, as the editor has Bailey now!) scene from Holding the Truth (Bailey and Clay)—the first novel in an all new series spin-off, Small-Town Sheriffs.
Holding the Truth will be available for purchase on Feb. 27th!

(Bailey has traveled to FC to collect some old evidence out of the storage room!)

Haldyn shot her a look. “You know, if you come work with me, you’ll have access to as many toys as Elliot Marshall will let me have.”

“I’m considering it.” Bailey wouldn’t lie. She was considering it. More and more every day. “I’m going to finish this case up first. Then make my decision.”

“I have an assistant supervisor position open.”

“I only have four months experience.”

“Yeah, but you know your stuff. I saw that before. You work with me directly, you’ll have the supervisor position within a year.”

Tempting. Very, very tempting.

“Let me finish this case. Then I’ll let you know.”

“No problem.” Haldyn grinned. “Now, you want to go digging for buried treasure. The vault is one of my favorite places.”

An hour later and Bailey feared that someone would never find her and the other woman if they were to get trapped in what Haldyn referred to as the vault of doom.

She always had liked Haldyn’s sense of humor. And the woman was apparently afraid of nothing.

When they finally emerged, both were covered with dust and plaster residue—from the bombing months ago—that hadn’t been fully cleaned up yet.

“Hey, we’re working on it as fast as we can. When the case load permits.” Haldyn said before untying the mask she was wearing. She and Bailey were both dressed in the paper coveralls. Haldyn had insisted, stating that while she thought the vault was safe, she wasn’t one hundred percent certain. Haldyn suffered from admitted obsessive compulsive disorder and she rode everyone in the lab about safety constantly. “At least you found one box. With our pal Kimball, I’m surprised there was any forensics taken at all. The guy is definitely not a man of science.”

“Or personality.”

“That either.”

“If you ladies are through playing in the second-hand store, some of us have actual police work to do,” a male voice said behind them. Bailey fought jumping. Her fingers tightened on the evidence box in her hands as she turned around. Her tension lessened when she saw the pretty man standing behind her.

Jarrod Foster; she’d met him before. He had once been Mel Beck’s partner, before Mel had been shot. Her path had crossed with his before.



Whew. Talk about cold.

But the two never had gotten along. “Hi, Detective Foster, how are you?”

He scowled at Haldyn again, then smiled at Bailey. “Doing fine, Deputy Moore. What brings you out here to the dusty annals of doom?”

“Cold case files.”

“I heard about Addy’s two bodies. Anything so far?”

“Not yet. I’m tracking down possible connected cases now.”

“And that’s why you are hanging out in here with Dr. Frankenstein?”

“Detective Foster has always been so clever. But perfect timing. I’m sure he’d be more than willing to help you carry those boxes.” Haldyn shot him a snotty look.


Talk about acrimony. She’d thought she and Clay didn’t get along. These two threatened to annihilate each other just with deadly looks. “You two always play so nicely?”

“Every chance we get,” Haldyn said. “Detective Foster and I are the best of friends.”

“That’s how you want to put it, fine,” Detective Foster said.

“So what brings you down here to my vault, Foster?”

“Search for the truth, what else?” He waved a form in Haldyn’s face. “I need to touch your precious evidence for a bit. Think you can help me find it?”

“I’ll find it for you. You carry that for Bailey.”

“Your wish is my command, Lady of the Vault. I live only to serve.”




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