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It has done nothing but rain here for days. Weeks. The counties around us have been kept busy preventing people from doing something stupid in the floods.

The road that leads to Lacy and Travis’s place has completely washed out. They’re using the old service road that connected her ranch to his for most of the traffic in and out of his ranch now. People have only been leaving when they have to.

She’s been staying with Jillian and Rafe so she can be certain she’ll make it to the hospital for her shifts. I don’t think she and Travis are too thrilled with that idea. Usually, Finley Creek isn’t this wet, but ever so often Mother Nature weeps above us.

Things will have to dry out, that’s for sure.

Barratt County is just as bad, and to top it off, I heard they found a body. Bailey’s been back to W4HAV but she refuses to give me too many of the details. Totally understand, since it’s an active investigation, and all.

I’ve been keeping myself busy going through the sheer amount of journals that are hidden throughout the Barratt Ranch. One of Houghton’s cousins is moving in permanently to take over the place, and Houghton’s been collecting what he and his father owned before that happens.

We’ve been separating Handley’s journals from the rest of his family’s. We’ll be reading them soon.

I’ve been reading one that belongs to Houghton’s great-great-great-great-grandfather Hughes, and another that belongs to Hughes’ second wife. She was actually a Finley.

Fin Coulter and Houghton are very distant cousins, I think.

But this  particular journal is full of four brothers who decided to ride to the next ranch over and take four daughters as brides.

Apparently, Barratts really do just find a woman and keep her. No wonder Houghton…well…

I’ve posted the next event in chapter form. You’ll have to take a look. It’s Jude & the Barratt 7.

If you’re not familiar with the story, you may want to start at the very beginning...


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