The Desolate Ch. 12

M.J. tolerated Iahanna’s good will and her kindness as long as she could. But she wasn’t meant to hang around with people, whether they were vampire or not. She’d been on her own for fourteen years, after all.

No matter how much she liked Cayri and Iahanna, and wasn’t quite as weirded out by having her sister Miranda popping in and out to supposedly ‘check’ on her. She didn’t have to like it but M.J. couldn’t exactly argue with the vampires holding her hostage.


But enough was enough. She semi-trusted Iahanna, but the rest of them were enough to make her feel really, really leery.


And there was the big guy himself. He was out there doing something, Iahanna had mentioned that he and his brothers were hunting something. Demons, she thought.


Vengeance had been mentioned, anyway.


She wasn’t sticking around to find out exactly what was going on. She had what she needed—clothes, a small bag of food, she was not going to go out there and suck people’s blood ever again, and a bar of soap.


She waited until everyone was gone, thinking she was sleeping, and she grabbed her bag from where she’d stashed it under the best bed she’d snuggled up in since the human world.


It was time.


Her little cave on the edge of the demon city waited.

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