The Desolate Ch. 11


The area known as the Bottoms was probably the worst in the city. Thrun had been built millennia ago by Midreno demons for the then king. The current king of the demon world was the brother of Marous’ sister Aureliana’s mate. The queen of this world was a healer Marous had known for centuries. The Dardaptoan people had been relocated to the city of Thrun for two reasons. One, the former occupants–a nasty breed of red demons known as the Rhacshas–had been annihilated from this city when they had tried to kill Aureliana. And two, it was the only city built for a creature the same size as the average Dardaptoan.

But the Bottoms were the dredge of the city, and where the filthiest of the Rhacshas had once lived.

That Iahanna’s people, young vulnerable females, had been consigned there sickened him. And his mate lived near the Bottoms?


“It is worse here than I feared,” Havrich said. “I have not brought Iahanna back here since she recovered from the demon attack last week.”

“You will not be able to keep her away much longer,” Adric said. “Her House will want its Equan back soon.”

“She is healed, but…I will get her House moved out of the Bottoms and to my own territory in the city. This…this is an abomination. None of our females should be housed here.”

“It has been our father’s task to police and maintain the Bottoms. It is obvious the old bastard has greatly failed in his duties.” Adric said. “Perhaps that should be the mate’s rights tasks I put before him?”

Adric’s Rajni Miranda had been assaulted by their father when the older male had knocked her down nine stone steps simply because she got in his way. Dardaptoan law gave Adric the right to set the punishment for the attack against his Rajni. He had six more weeks to decide how the public punishment was to be set.

“Someone needs to,” Havrich said. “There. That’s Iahanna’s home there.”

Marous felt sick just looking at it. The outside of it was in great disrepair, but someone had spent time cleaning up around it. There were Woald yellow curtains fluttering in the breeze. Flowers, once again Woald yellow–Woalds had always had great plant affinities–lined the walk. But it was small and dilapidated and not fit for the head of one of the most ancient of Dardaptoan Houses. What had happened to Iahanna Woald was a travesty in itself. “You will be addressing this with Sebastos, correct?”

Theodoric Sebastos was the final decision maker on matters of justice for the Dardaptoan people. But the fines levied against the Woald House for Uruses’ treason were a travesty themselves. Levied by none other than Sebastos himself.

No one understood why.

Havrich had a battle on his hands.

One thought on “The Desolate Ch. 11

  1. I love theses books I can’t wait for more. I have everyone of the adarastos paranormal books & dardanos the laquazzeana books & the Dardanos books! I can’t wait to see what happens next, in this paranormal worlds. Theses are bye far my favorite books!


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