The Desolate Ch. 10

Marous found his brothers Havrich and Adric. They were close in age and had remained close in life, even though sometimes full continents separated them for decades or more. “She claims to be a Taniss,” he told them. “And the chances are high that she is sister to your Rajni, Adric. And says she does not know how she was brought here, just that she was.”

“That damned wolf god has been careless with our mates,” Adric said. “If he were not mated to the goddess I would sic our Aureliana on him.”

“I may well yet.” Aureliana was Laquazzeana, stronger than any other being in the realms. If she wanted to kick the wolf god’s ass, he had no doubt she would be able to manage it. “She rests now, with Iahanna guarding her fiercely. Apparently, they are friends.” His sister-in-law had told him of how she had first met his mate.

The anger still rolled within him.

“Are they? My female seems to draw others to her,” Havrich said. “Yet she refuses to let me in.”

“Rajnis aren’t always easy, brothers. But they are the world. Iahanna sent a servant for Miranda. She’s in there with her now. Perhaps I should go to her…”

“She asked when she first saw my mate whether they were related. I don’t think she’ll be too shocked by what she learns.” But he understood his brother’s worry. They were bonded, Adric and Miranda, and loved each other deeply. “I have need of you. Both of you, as your Rajnis were also victims.”

Both of his brothers straightened. “Speak what you mean, Marous.” Havrich’s hand tightened on his sword, the only outer sign of his anger.

“There are gangs in the Bottoms. And they had a particular target preference of Woald females and any that were near enough. Including my female. She met your Iahanna when a male from Grandfather’s House had Iahanna cornered. M.J. knocked him off of Iahanna with a stick. And he has targeted M.J. ever since.”

“And you wish us to help you find this male. See that he pays for daring to harm your Rajni.” Adric asked. “Of course. Havrich?”

“Brothers, it is time we hunted.”


One thought on “The Desolate Ch. 10

  1. I can’t wait until someone puts their grandfather in his place but I would dear love to see it be the females that he has harmed! Looking forward to more!


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