The Desolate Ch. 8


What would it hurt to give him her name? Not like anyone could find her here. She’d been running for more than fourteen years. Since her mother had told her the time had come for M.J. to run before she ended up following the same tragic path her sisters had. “It’s Meghan.”

“And your last name, Meghan?”


His eyes widened slightly, then narrowed. “Interesting. The green eyes should have given it away. I‘ve yet to meet a Taniss who doesn’t have green eyes.”

Icy sharp fear shot through her. “You’ve met more than one? I thought I was one of a kind.”

“I strongly suspect there are more of you than you realize.” Iahanna had placed herself next to the bed, obviously setting herself up as the girl’s protector.

Marous wanted to smile, but it would be bittersweet. It was his task–his and Havrich’s–to protect the two of them. Didn’t they understand that?

But gone were the days of the last one hundred years when their females could be protected and cossetted and hidden from the pains of the world.

War came. And they now had to fight. He knew that and suspected Iahanna did as well. But did his little Meghan? “How old are you?”

“Twenty-seven. How old are you?”

“Five hundred…and twenty-seven.” Five hundred years. For five hundred years he had waited for this…this girl. She was barely old enough in Dardaptoan culture to be an adult.

“M.J., do you have any other family? Left back in the human world?” Iahanna asked.

“We’ve had a few other females be found lately. With the last name Taniss. And the same eyes.”

“Huh. I don’t know about that. My mother’s dead. She was murdered…by my father’s people. His minions. May have even been by my oldest brother. Daddy dearest liked to water the flowers, you know. I may have hundreds of brothers and sisters.” She smirked up at him, almost taunting him for some reason. “All I know is Mama said run back when I was thirteen. So I ran. I think he caught her again after that. I don’t know.”

“What do you know about your mother?” He knew the story of the Taniss family, but did she?

“Her name was Avelia. And she was beautiful. And she’s dead now. Boltier killed her, on my father’s orders. You want more of the story, ask them.”

Her words confirmed his suspicions. She was a Taniss. Most likely one of what were now being called the Lost Ones.

Leo Taniss, a human monster, had targeted the Dardaptoan people for over fifty years. He’d captured and tortured more than a thousand of them. Closer to two thousand.

And he’d impregnated some of the females. Many of them. Not just Dardaptoans. He’d enjoyed harming many of the Druid females he’d captured, as well.

One such Druid female had borne him at least four daughters that they knew of.

Was Meghan one of them?

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