The Desolate Ch. 3.

M.J. knew she was in deep trouble. And she probably should have stayed in her little subterranean home today. The demon had followed her into the library and had her trapped against the back wall. She screamed an instinctive response when the demon’s claw sliced too near her face.

There was nothing in the library for her to defend herself with.

And she had nowhere to run.

She knew exactly what was about to happen to her—she was going to become its lunch.

M.J. scooted along the back wall, hoping there would be some place she could escape. She suspected it was futile, but she wasn’t a quitter. She wasn’t about to just lie down and let this thing kill her. She’d fight until she took her very last breath. Period.

M.J. pulled her arms up in front of her face when the demon slashed again.

This time his claws sliced into the flesh of her arms.

M.J. screamed again.


He was too late. He knew that the instant the demon cornered the girl and attacked. No mere female of any Kind could withstand the claws of a karscasun demon. He’d battled his fair share when he’d been a predatoi, tasked with protecting the Dardaptoan Kind—inspiration for the human vampire legends—from rogue demons who would slip into the Gaian world and hunt humans for food.

But there was always a slim chance.

He refused to let fear keep him from his task. He attacked.

Within moments he had driven his sword through the beast’s heart and was turning back toward the female on the library floor.

“Come, we must get out of here. The library is cursed according to hose who would know.” He stepped closer to the female. She was small, dark-haired and covered with blood. Human blood. Which meant she was mortal.

He cursed and scooped her up gently.

Two months ago it would have shocked the three hells out of him to find a human in the demon world, but his brother Adric had found his Rajni—his mate—in a human girl who’d been mistakenly brought here by the Lupoiux wolf god.

The girl cried out and he tightened his hold on her, wishing he could take the pain away.

He ignored the weeping and the injured and the dead and hurried toward the Great Hall. There would be healers there, though the city of Thrun could not support the full power of a Healer’s Hall, but there would be healers inside. With his family.

He bellowed for the healers the moment he entered the heavy doors.

A small blonde wearing Healer blue and a pale yellow hasha around her waist ran up to him.

“She’s human.”

“Get her in here.” She placed a hand on the girl’s cheek and turned her face. “It is M.J. I have healed her before.”

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